Looking at old people on the streets, supermarkets or buses has always made us wonder how they looked when they were younger. A Czech photographer, Jan Langer has captured a series of portraits that show us how time changed people. His project is called ‘Faces of Century’ and contains pictures of centenarians in their youth and in the present. The pictures are recreated in the same original pose to show that some of us don’t change much over time. Here is the story behind Langer’s project and most importantly the story behind each centenarian. You won’t believe how amazing #12 and #9 are!

20. Jan Langer and His Faces of Century


The key to this photo series is that people might or might not change over time. They have the same look in their eyes when we look at the young versions of the pictures. But life has been difficult so far for many of them. Some people changes beyond imagination!

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