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14 Wolves Were Released Into A Park. What Happened Next Is Amazing

Back in 1995, the US Fish and Wildlife Service were looking for ways to revive the population of wolves in the Yellowstone National Park. Wolves have been extinct since 1926, but things were about to change in 1995 when the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided to release a pack of 14 wolves in that area. Little did they know, the wolves would change the entire ecosystem!

20. Pack of Wolves

The folks from the US Fish and Wildlife Services captured 14 wolves in Canada and took them in the Yellowstone National Park. Wolves have been extinct for nearly 70 years in that area and the new pack changed everything!

19. Howling Wolf

Obviously, the first thing that happened after the pack was released into the wild was that their numbers grew. The wolves started having babies which made their pack bigger and stronger. Strength lies in numbers… However, this was just the beginning!

18. Just the Beginning

Nature is amazing and the wolves would do much more than changing the ecosystem. As you will soon find out, their presence is so powerful that it will also change rivers! What do you think is the first thing that the wolves did?

17. Ferocious Predators

Keeping in mind that wolves are ferocious predators, no one should be shocked to find out that they instantly started hunting deer. You won’t believe how much this changed everything around the Yellowstone National Park!

16. Hunting Deer

Since there were no wolves around the area, the population of deer was big. While this might not sound like a bad thing, it actually affected the environment because deer chewed up all the grass and flowers.

15. Changed Behavior

After the pack of wolves started hunting deer, the animals changed their behavior so they won’t become easy prey. They stopped wandering around and eating grass all day long. This was amazing for the Yellow National Park’s vegetation.

14. The Park’s Vegetation

Now that deer were stopped from being free to do whatever they wanted, the park’s vegetation was improving. Even though this might not seem that important, it opened up the doors for other animals to join the park.

13. Hunting For Food

While the wolves were simply doing what they knew best, they were also improving the ecosystem. Make sure you keep reading to see which animals joined the park after the vegetation blossomed.

12. Otters Makings Dams

Otters are the ones which joined the park after the vegetation improved. To make things even more interesting, otters started building dams which boosted the river’s fish and reptile population. Therefore, all animals would pass by the river in search of food.

11. The River is a Provider

Wherever there’s water, there is also life! The river that passes through the Yellowstone National Park has filled with life again and this means that the wildlife received another food source. You won’t believe what animal benefited the most from this.

10. Big Bears

Bears were the ones which benefited the most from the arrival of the otters. Nonetheless, let’s see which is the next animal that the wolves started hunting.

9. Coyotes

Wolves didn’t settle for deer and they also hunted coyotes. No one would’ve guessed how much they impacted the park’s ecosystem, but this was amazing to see because another animal started popping up as soon as coyotes stopped roaming around the park without any worry.

8. Rabbits

As soon as the coyotes changed their behavior in fear of being attacked by wolves, rabbits started popping out everywhere. The park officials couldn’t believe their eyes how alive the park became after the 14 wolves were released. And that’s not all!

7. Unexpected Outcome

Even though the main idea of releasing the pack of wolves was to breathe life into the park, no one expected their arrival to bring so many changes.

6. Meat Eaters Benefit The Most

Even though wolves didn’t directly interact with all the animals in the park, they all benefited from their arrival, especially the carnivores. The reason behind this being that wolves left carcasses out in the landscape and all animals could eat.

5. Flock of Birds

Now that the vegetation was back on track, this made the park a great target for all types of birds. Therefore, the sky was filled with flocks of birds and the park was filled with life once again. 

4. The Ecosystem

Isn’t it amazing how releasing 14 wolves in a national park can change everything? You have to admit that you never expected wolves to bring birds into the park.

3. Wildlife

The ecosystem is now back on track and the park is thriving. This serves as an example of how everyone’s role is important, even the predators.

2. Wild Wolf Pack

The most incredible thing about this whole ordeal is that the park’s animal population kept growing and that the rivers changed because of that. Wildlife is amazing and every animal plays an important role.

1. The Yellowstone National Park

While the folks who work at the US Fish and the Wildlife Service took a big risk bringing the 14 wolves into the park, their hard work paid off! The park is buzzing with life and things couldn’t be better.


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