People love to visit new countries during their vacation time and this is a great way to live new experiences, meet new people and see amazing places. However, there are some people like Cassandra De Pecol who are taking it to the next level.

Cassandra De Pecol is on her way to becoming the first documented female and youngest American to visit all the 196 countries in the world. This is an impressive achievement and to think that Cassandra De Pecol is only 27 makes her journey even more amazing.

Stick around to find out how adventurous Cassandra is and how she can travel the world without paying a single dime!

20. Meet Cassandra De Pecol

This is Cassandra de Pecol. As you can clearly see from these two pictures, she is documenting all the places she is visiting and she is snapping some amazing pictures at the same time. You won’t believe how many passport pages she has filled up!

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