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Parents Spot Something Odd About Daughter’s Smile, Ends Up Saving Her Life

Parents Spot Something Odd About Daughter’s Smile, Ends Up Saving Her Life

Parents love the first moments of their child’s life. From the first smile to the first steps, they want to record every moment for posterity. One couple was observing their daughter’s smile when they noticed something very strange. When they looked int it, they couldn’t believe what doctors discovered.

14. The Evans Family

Image: Healthy Mummy

Megan, child of Jason Evans and Charlene McCann was 7-years-old the day they spotted something wrong with her smile. She was a normal child and loved activities like cheerleading and gymnastics.

13. Spotting Her Smile

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Megan and her parents were out at a children’s Halloween party on that fateful day. At the party, the parents asked Megan to smile and pose for a picture. She did but during the pose, they noticed that there seemed to something “off” with her smile: it was crooked.

12. Completely Crooked

Image: Facebook/Charlene McCann

It wasn’t just that her smile was crooked, Jason said, it was completely crooked. Megan’s parents were understandably concerned but they also wondered if it was just a muscle spasm. Still, there was something troubling about the situation.

11. Rushed to the Hospital

Image: Facebook/Charlene McCann

They couldn’t ignore their feelings something was wrong. Megan was rushed to the hospital and was admitted immediately. Doctors had found something troubling and told her parents that their quick-thinking had likely saved her life.

10. A Tumor

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Something was affecting her smile and it wasn’t a muscle spasm. It was a tumor and luckily, doctors detected it after a series of MRI and CT scans. The tumor was as big as a tangerine and was lodged in her brain. It needed to be removed immediately.

9. Surgery

Image: Facebook/Charlene McCann

The diagnosis made, it was next time for treatment. Doctors informed Megan’s parents that she needed a 12-hour surgery. The surgery was intended to remove the mass, but it wasn’t guaranteed. Jason and Charlene agreed to the surgery. Now they just had to wait for it to be completed.

8. Waiting for News

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The surgery was laborious and intense, leaving Megan’s parents worried for their daughter’s future. In just a few days, they had gone from a normal family with perfect health to a family with a critically-ill child.

7. Post-Surgery

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The surgery was a success and doctors were able to remove the tumor. However, the process had left Megan unable to talk. This was shocking news. Would Megan’s parents have daughter back as she was before the surgery?

6. Speech Therapy

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As part of her recovery, Megan was taken to speech therapy. She slowly learned how to talk again, first lapsing into baby talk, then talking more like a girl her age. It was a slow process but Megan’s parents were thrilled with the progress. Her speech wasn’t the only thing affected by the surgery though.

5. Megan’s Recovery

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Megan slowly began recovering from the invasive surgery. She experienced another side effect as well: diminished sight. She was left with only 3% of her vision and needed help getting around. Her parents bought her a walking stick and taught her how to use it. But there was hope: a surgery could restore Megan’s sight.

4. Restoring Her Sight

Image: Facebook/Charlene McCann

Megan could receive a surgery to restore her sight, but it would cost her parents a large sum of money. They lived in Scotland and the surgery wasn’t available in the country, so they needed to find a country that did offer it. Germany was the answer. The surgery cost around $7,000 USD and so they set up a fundraising page.

3. A Special Doctor

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Dr. Anton Fedorov was the answer to the family’s prayers. As the founder of The Center for Vision Restoration in Berlin, Germany, he has helped many individuals regain their sight. The Center helped people have their vision restored from 5% to 100%.

2. The Fundraiser Begins

Image: Doctor Anton Federov Center for Sight Restoration

The fundraiser kicked off and just 56 days in, Megan’s parents had nearly everything they needed for the surgery and associated bills. Fedorov informed them that Megan was an excellent candidate for receiving her sight back as the location of the tumor wasn’t damaging to her brain.

1. She’s a Fighter

Image: Facebook/McCann

Megan is getting stronger every day. She hasn’t received her surgery yet, but her parents are hopeful they’ll soon have it scheduled. Their daughter has also become a disability advocate and shares messages of hope on Facebook.