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5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Who says you need a well-organized, clutter-free table to get creative? A recent study found people are more productive when they’re not glued to the table.

A clutter-free table or desk defines boundary. Researchers say that this boundary doesn’t allow for thinking outside the box, which is the essence of creativity. While we each have our own ways to be creative and productive, researchers give us five ways to change our perspective about creativity and productivity.


Daydreaming is not equated to sleeping. To daydream is simply to detach oneself from the present situation and let thoughts wander as far as they can. By doing un-demanding tasks – listening to your favourite music playlist, thinking about your favourite dessert – the brain is relaxed and prepared for demanding tasks later on. Just make sure you don’t spend all of your time daydreaming.

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Exercise Regularly

Emphasize regularity: this is suggested by researchers who also say that regular exercise is best if done every other day, rather than every day. This is because when you do it daily, it has a tendency to become a routine (and therefore, less productive). If you really want to exercise every day, don’t do it for a long period of time, or incorporate different exercises each day. That way you don’t do the exact same things. Variations allow your brain to experience something new; something that stirs up creativity and productivity.

De-Clutter Later

This doesn’t mean you have to live with a cluttered table, it just means save it for later. Organized work areas seem to be very monotonous and rigid.

Take a Gulp

It’s not the most recommended thing to do, but a glass or two of your favourite alcoholic drink helps improve creativity. People are able to go outside the box and create ideas that are beyond mainstream.

Just Do It… Later

Pushing yourself too much can actually be too much. It wears you down, so give yourself a break. Do other things that interest you. Oftentimes, “aha” moments come unexpectedly.