You sent out impeccable resumes, but you never got a call back after the interviews. What went wrong? Digital Media Consultant and Sales Recruiter Ryan Wallerstein shares 6 interview bloopers that you should avoid.

Not Doing Your Homework

Know important information about the company and what its business and products are. Since you’ve applied for a job in the company, be prepared to articulate what you think about its importance in the industry. Coming to the interview unprepared shows that you’re uninformed and lacking purpose.

Talking Too Much

Answer the question succinctly. The panel will not be interested in your life story.

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Not Connecting Properly

Shake hands firmly, maintain eye contact, and talk audibly. Don’t talk too fast, or answer a question too quickly; this shows that you’re nervous. Take time to think about the question. Talk in a relaxed pace, pausing if you need to.

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