What father-and-son intended to be a snowmobiling trip, later became a life-and-death rescue incident.

JT Bierdbeau and his son, Bode went snowmobiling. Unfortunately, things turned bad when JT fell from his snowmobile and was buried under it. He was suffering injuries in his legs and was visibly suffering. Bode tried to get his father out with his bare hands, but it was so cold that he was unable to. Learning that he had very little chance of getting his father out by himself, Bode decided to call for help, but help was nowhere near. He had to walk several miles to find help, and didn’t know where he was headed.

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Bode said that he felt scared, with no map or GPS to go by, and nary a network connection working. What he knew was that he needed to find help, and find it fast.

Luck was with Bode that day, because he later found a group of tourists who called for rescue. A chopper was sent to the area shortly, and his dad was brought to a nearby hospital.

Bode’s mom was very scared and unhappy about the mishap, but recognized the bravery in her son. In an interview, she expressed relief that both her adventurers are safe.