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911 Operator Recieves A Call From A 10-Year-Old Boy, But Nobody On His Team Was Prepared To Handle This Problem

911 Operator Recieves A Call From A 10-Year-Old Boy, But Nobody On His Team Was Prepared To Handle This Problem

911 operators are prepared to answer calls for a variety of different emergencies. However, one 911 operator wasn’t completely taken aback when he received a phone call from a 10-year-old boy. It seems that the boy had a serious emergency and he needed a solution fast. You won’t believe what the 10-year-old needed help with!

20. 911 Operator 

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911 emergency dispatchers are used to dealing with emergency situations. After all, their entire job revolves around helping those that are in need of it the most. As such, they’re used to getting some pretty crazy phone calls. 

19. Crazy Phone Calls 

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As emergency operators, those working in this field are used to getting phone calls of all sorts of nature. However, when one 10-year-old called in with a problem, the operator on the other end was completely taken aback. After all, he had never been asked a question like that before. 

18. Calling In 

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It was a pretty typical day for 911 dispatcher Chris Clow. He had already started his work day and had helped some people with their emergencies. Then he got a call that would completely throw him off. 

17. Young Boy 

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As Clow picked up on the call, he immediately realized that he was talking to a young boy. The little boy seemed to have a serious problem and didn’t know who else to call. He had heard in school that you call 911 whenever you have a problem so that’s exactly what he did!

16. Homework Help

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Clow started off the call by asking what the emergency was. That’s when he was greeted by a youthful voice! “Hi, this isn’t an emergency, but I’m 10 years old and I’m working on my math homework right now,” the 10-year-old explained to Clow. 

15. Math Problems

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It seems that the young boy did have a math, however, it was a math problem. “I can’t figure out what 71 divided by 3,052 is,” the young boy explained. At first, Clow was incredibly confused by the phone call…

14. Confused 

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What was the…how much?” Clow responded to the young boy in bewilderment. In all of his years working as a 911 operator, he had never received a phone call like this one. The boy decided to respond once again, this time a bit more clearly. 

13. The Math Problem 

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71 divided by 3,052,” the young boy replied. Clow knew that it was his duty to help out as a 911 operator so he decided to see what he could do. “I can try to help you. Let me…,” Clow said in response. 

12. Being Honest 

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However, most of us wouldn’t be able to just do a math problem like that with ease and Clow was quite honest about that. “I don’t know how to do that off the top of my head either at the moment,” Clow said. “Okay thanks!” the little boy said. 

11. One Second 

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One second,” Clow said. Then he asked the young boy, “Are you working on decimals?” “Um, I’m working on division,” the young boy said. That’s when Clow wanted to make sure that he understood the situation clearly before he attempted to find an answer. 

10. Clarifying Things 

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So if it’s…are you sure it’s 71 divided by that? Or is it 3,502 divided by 71?” Clow asked. That’s when the little boy double-checked his homework and responded, “It’s 3,502 divided by 71.” “Okay,” Clow replied. 

9. Getting The Answer 

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Clow pulled out a calculator and then plugged in the numbers to get an answer. “Just doing it on the calculator, it’s 42.98, which you would round up to like 43,” Clow explained. At that point the young man was incredibly grateful and thanked the 911 dispatcher for all of his help! 

8. Giving Thanks 

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Oh, okay. Thanks. Thank you!” the young boy said. “Is that all you needed,” Clow asked. “Yeah,” the young boy responded. “All right, I’ll let you go.” “K, bye.” 

7. Social Media 

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The phone call was so hilarious that the Fort Collins Police Department decided to tweet it out to all of their followers on Twitter and Facebook. “Disclaimer: Not all dispatchers are as skilled in math and/or readily equipped with calculators as Dispatcher Chris,” the department wrote as the caption for the video. 

6. Disclaimer 

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Though it should be noted that FCPD is not responsible for incorrect homework answers. If you or your child believe you need police assistance with an assignment, please contact your School Resource Officer during school hours. They love talking to their students about pretty much anything,” they wrote. 

5. Funny Situation 

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People think of 911 as a catch-all for ‘I need help with something, I don’t know who to call,” Clow said. However, he didn’t mind helping out the 10-year-old with his math homework. Everyone that saw the video erupted in laughter at the sheer silliness of the situation. 

4. Lots of Views 

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Since being uploaded onto Facebook, the video has received 67,000 views. Everyone in the comments section found the interaction between the Chris and the young boy to be hilarious. They also felt that Chris helped instill faith in the police through his interaction with the boy. 


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FCPS- you never actually know. You may have instilled trust that this kid needed in their life,” one Facebook user wrote. FCPS wrote back saying, “We hope so!” Another user wrote that she was glad that the police department made light of the situation instead of turning it into a warning to others. 

2. Grateful 

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Thank you for not turning this into a public case of people calling 911 for the wrong thing but making this about helping people!! I love Northern Colorado because of examples like this. We are lucky to live in a place full of kind people who are willing to come help us where we are,” another Facebook user wrote. 

1. Wonderful Interaction 

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Although the young boy didn’t use 911 for its intended purpose, it was certainly nice of Dispatcher Chris to help him out. At least now this young boy can count on 911 to come through in case he ever has a real emergency to attend to.