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Mother, Healthy living enthusiast, Author

Ok, so….before anything else, let’s meet one another:

my name is Sara Jane.

Most people call me Sara; but really, you can call me Sara Jane or SJ as well. I don’t really mind:)

I’m a happy single mother living with my one and only bundle of joy—my young son, Mathis.

After going through a bad relationship and becoming a single mommy, I have redirected my focus in life on my son as well as our health.

Basically, I love spending time with my son, doing cross fit and trying out new healthy recipes. I have been so inspired to live in the healthiest way possible for the past few years.

As a mother, good health is essential for me since my little boy still needs to be taken care of. I want to healthily witness my son grow up and turn into a man and this is mainly the reason why I got into living a healthy lifestyle. Living this way of life gives me the confidence that I will be able to really be there for my son every single day. What’s more is that it’s also easier for me to influence my son into living healthily since he witnesses it in his own home.

Healthy living, to me, means finding the right balance—of diet, physical activities as well as dealing with our mental health and emotions. If you are able to balance these things properly, there is definitely a greater chance of living life more fully and happily.

Because of my love for living healthy, I really wanted to reach out to other people and share my knowledge and ideas in making life healthier. In order to return the greatness that life has offered me, I created a website intended to touch the lives of parents, children, teenagers, businessmen, students and everyone else through sharing my personal healthy living ideas. These are the ideas which worked for me, my family and friends.

I believe that approaching a healthy life means taking into account the entire aspect of every single day. From the food we eat to the activities we do; these will all affect our health.

With that, my website will feature healthy recipes that you can easily prepare for yourself and your family. These are both basic and complex recipes that promotes healthy eating—yes, that means no room for junk food. Besides this, I also share many ways of living healthier. Mostly, the methods I will be telling you all are completely natural since I do believe that the more natural something is, the healthier and better it is for everyone. There may also be times I’ll share about my ideas on working out in the gym, doing CrossFit, trying out yoga and more.

Perhaps, many people will think that living healthy may be quite hassle and even costly. But I will make sure to share easy and affordable ways to achieve positive health. More so, I will incorporate fun and personal experiences with the things I’ll be telling you about.

Healthy living should never be underestimated nor taken for granted because believe it or not, it is one major way of making sure that we will still live the next day for ourselves and for our family.