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Adam Copeland of copeFIT: Meet the Expert

Adam Copeland is an emerging star in the fitness and nutrition industry. At the time of this post, Adam is a Junior at Penn State University and is pursuing a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition. Adam Copeland got his start in the health and fitness world while interning at Peak Performance in New York City. Adam explained to conFITdent that his experience at the world famous facility has opened him up to the life changing impact both nutrition and exercise can have.

Why We Like Adam Copeland

It’s very rare that you hear a name that everybody raves about. Particularly, when the people doing the praising have very high standards. This is how we first heard of Adam Copeland – through word of mouth from strong sources who really know their material.

From there, we followed Adam Copeland on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog and have been hooked ever since. Adam has learned from the best which gave us really high expectations for his content and we are pleased to let you know that he over-delivers.

Training with some of the best in the business, working at one of the most respected facilities, and not even being old enough to rent a car must make somebody cocky, right? Wrong. Adam Copeland is humble and understands that with great knowledge and power come the responsibility to help others. Adam explains “I have picked up a lot of knowledge already, but I have what seems to be an insatiable thirst to continue to learn. In the near future I want to help people become stronger, healthier, and happier through proper strength training programs and helpful nutrition advice. Down the road I would love to open up my own training facility and maybe pursue a higher degree in nutrition.”

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