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After Losing Her Babies, Pit Bull Mom Adopts An Orphaned Pup

After Losing Her Babies, Pit Bull Mom Adopts An Orphaned Pup

Daya the pregnant pit bull was found on the streets of South Carolina. The folks who work at the shelter noticed that she was pregnant and decided to take her in, but there was one problem… The shelter was overcrowded with other animals and they were considering euthanizing Daya.

Luckily, the Halfway There Rescue saw that the odds were stacked against the dog and decided to give her a helping hand by taking her in. Sadly, things didn’t go too well for Daya’s puppies…

20. Bad News

Even though Daya was happy that she was rescued, the rescuers had some bad news for her. Because Daya was wandering the streets alone for so long, her puppies didn’t make it. This is what one of the volunteers had to say about Daya’s situation…

19. The Puppies Didn’t Make It

“X-rays showed no evidence of living babies. Her nine puppies were in the process of being absorbed by her body”, said one of the volunteers. This was heartbreaking to see, especially since Daya didn’t understand what was going on. Unfortunately, things got even worse than this.

18. Daya Requires Medical Treatment

The death of her puppies caused Daya’s uterus to get infected and this put her life in danger. Fortunately, the volunteers were able to afford the medical treatment and rushed her to the vet.

17. Saving Daya’s Life

The vet put Daya in surgery and managed to save her life. This was the best news that Daya has received in a long time. However, things started getting a bid weird since her maternal instincts didn’t go away. You won’t believe what she did after getting out of surgery.

16. Maternal Instincts

Daya knew that she was going to have puppies and she didn’t understand where they were. This is when she started grabbing toys and sleeping with them, cleaning them just like they were her babies. This was heartbreaking to see…

15. Heartbreaking Moment

“While everyone at the rescue was happy to see that Daya had made it through surgery, we were heartbroken that she was missing her babies”, said one of the volunteers. This is when the volunteers had this amazing idea!

14. Small Puppy Comes In

This little puppy came to the rescue center. The puppy was abandoned by her mother and she was sick. This is when the volunteers who worked at the rescue center thought that Daya might want to take care of the puppy. Is this going to work?

13. New Mom

Daya instantly fell in love with the puppy, even though it was sick. This was amazing to see, especially since Daya’s maternal instincts were in full swing. However, there was something wrong with the little puppy…

12. The Puppy is Missing One Eye

The puppy was missing one eye and the volunteers feared that Daya might not want to take care of it because of that, but they couldn’t be more wrong since she instantly fell in love with the pup. What happened next is amazing!

11. Naming The Puppy Raisin

The volunteers named the puppy Raisin and it officially became a member of the rescue center. Nonetheless, the volunteers were amazed to see how strong the bond between Daya and Raisin got in such a short time.

10. Strong Bond

Daya and Raisin loved spending time with each other and they never left each other’s sides! Isn’t it awesome how Daya’s nightmare story turned into something good?

9. Helping Each Other

“Even though the two were not related, they served a need for each other that would lead to an incredible bond”, said one of the volunteers. Therefore, this was a win-win situation for both dogs. And that’s not all!

8. Healing Together

Daya and Raisin went through difficult surgeries and now they are healing together. The volunteers who work at the rescue center are saying that once they are healed they will be listed for adoption. 

7. Finding a New Home

Even though these dogs are the cutest things ever, finding an adoptive family is going to be difficult. Check out the next picture to see why.

6. They Come As A Package

The reason why finding a new family for the two dogs will be difficult is because they come as a package. The adoptive family needs to take in two dogs instead of one. Nonetheless, Daya and Raisin are still recovering right now.

5. Health is Recovering

“They’re still recovering from medical issues like mange at their foster home, so they’ll be there for several more weeks”, said the volunteers. Let’s hope that Daya and Raisin manage to find a family in that time period.

4. Having Fun

On the other hand, Daya and Raisin couldn’t be more happier. The two are always having fun. Considering that both dogs came from the streets, living in the rescue center is a big step up. And they also have another furry friend…

3. Making New Friends

As you can clearly see, Raisin is a happy little puppy that loves making new friends. We can be sure that Raisin is going to get along with anyone after seeing that he managed to befriend a cat!

2. Cute Puppy

Even though finding an adoptive family that’s willing to take in two dogs is not going to be easy, Raisin’s cute face is surely going to help with that.

1. They Have Each Other

Life has been difficult for Daya and Raisin before they got to the rescue center and all that matters is that they have each other. What did you think of this story? Were you surprised by how fast Daya and Raisin bonded?