One of the most active ingredients in turmeric is the curcumin and this compound comes with lots of amazing health benefits. It can help protect your eyesight and it also helps to lower your cholesterol. Aside from that, taking supplements that are rich in curcumin is also said to enhance one’s mental clarity and increase one’s energy level as well. But aside from these benefits, the compound is also said to bring lots of benefits for bodybuilders. Read on to find out more about this.

What is this Compound All About?

Curcumin is a component of the popular Indian spice, the turmeric. This spice is actually a member of the ginger family. Some of the other two curcuminoids are the desmethoxycurcumin and the bis-desmethoxycurcumin.

The compounds are actually polyphenols and they are responsible for that yellow hue of the turmeric. The curcumin is available in at least two tautomeric forms, enol and the keto. It is the enol form that is more stable and comes in a solid phase in solution.

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There are several major aspects that you can find when it comes to the benefits of taking curcumin daily. If you are trying to bulk up muscles and you need some extra energy to keep you going, then this supplement is perfect for you. In only a week or two of using, you will certainly feel and see the difference.

How Can It Help Bodybuilders?

One of the things that make curcumin amazing is that it is very effective in preventing inflammation and it also helps to reduce the existing inflammation due to its ability to imitate the aspirin as a kind of COX2 inhibitor. But the biggest advantage of its anti inflammatory properties lies on the fact that it could drastically reduce the inflammation on the joints and prevents arthritis.

Several researches have shown that curcumin supplements can lessen the severity of pains on the joints and muscles and can greatly help individuals who are suffering from osteoarthritis, including those that have rheumatoid arthritis. Bodybuilders can benefit from these types of supplements in the sense that they help to reduce any symptoms of joint pains and all other pains which result from rigorous training. By taking this supplement, bodybuilders will be able to focus more on building their muscles.

Is it Safe to Use?

According to medical experts, people who are suffering from an obstructed bile duct or those who have gallstones are not advised to take these supplements. Although according to some research, this compound can actually help to prevent the formation of gallstones. Also, there have been warnings given to those people who are taking blood thinning drugs like the Coumadin. The curcumin is already a blood thinner and therefore it should not be taken along with another blood thinner.

Those who are also undergoing chemotherapy are prohibited to take the supplement. They should first consult their oncologist or hematologist before they could take these supplements. This is because these types of supplements can lessen the effectiveness of some chemo drugs, such as the doxorubicin.