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An American Guy Marries A Filipina Who Randomly Received His Christmas Gift 21 Years Ago!

An American Guy Marries A Filipina Who Randomly Received His Christmas Gift 21 Years Ago!

There are many stories of how people manage to find their soulmate and all of them sound like fairy tales. However, this is a reality for Tyrel and Joana. It seems like these two were meant for each other and destiny worked its mysterious ways to get them together after a decade since they first interacted. Sit back, relax and get ready to hear a story about how a young American boy’s charity act helped him find his true love.

20. Tyrel and Joana

Today we are going to present you a story about how two people who live on different sides of the world were pulled together by destiny since they were only 7-years-old. Let’s move on to the next picture and see how this love story started.

19. Samaritan’s Purse

It all started 21 years ago when Tyrel from Idaho, US decided to pack a gift for an unknown person through the Samaritan’s Purse program. Obviously, the package arrived to Joana, but what did Tyrel put in the box?

18. Shoebox Filled With Gifts

Tyrel realized that he is living in a completely different world in comparison with other kids. This is why he filled the package with toys, toiletries and school supplies in hopes that some other kid is going to enjoy them. Make sure to click next to see how the package traveled from the US to the Philippines.

17. Long Road Ahead

The package was shipped to Quezon City in the Philippines and it arrived at Joana’s school. The shoe box filled with school supplies brought a smile on Joana’s face, but that’s not all that Tyrel put in the package. Let’s go to the next picture and see the most interesting thing that Joana found in the shoe box.

16. Cowboy Picture

Tyrel decided to include some pictures of him dressed in full cowboy clothes in the package that arrived at Joana’s school. This was a great decision on his part because it is what helped Joana recognize him when she got older. Talking about that, let’s go over how the two first met.

15. Social Media

After 14 years passed since Joana received Tyrel’s package, she somehow stumbled upon his Facebook page. Joana couldn’t help herself from wondering if he is the young boy from the cowboy pictures. What Joana did next will surprise you!

14. Friend Request

Joana got the courage to ask Tyrel for a friend request in hopes that he will confirm that he is the one who sent her the package almost a decade ago. But what do you think Tyrel did when he received a friend request from a random girl?

13. Ignoring Joana

Sadly, Tyrel simply ignored Joana’s friend request. He didn’t know who she was and decided that it’s best to simply ignore her. If only Tyrel knew that he was ignoring his soulmate… but fortunately Joana did not give up!

12. Never Giving Up

Seeing that Tyrel ignored her, Joana started having doubts about him being the young cowboy who sent her the gift. After two years passed, Joana decided to give destiny another chance and sent Tyrel a second friend request. This time, Joana grabbed Tyrel’s interest. Stick around for the next pictures to see what happened when Tyrel accepted Joana’s friend request.

11. Online Friends

Tyrel was curious to find out how Joana knew him and he asked her just that. That’s when Joana tried to remind him about the shoe box gift and the cowboy pictures. Sadly, Tyrel completely forgot about this. This is where Tyrel’s mother stepped in and decided to help destiny get these two young people together. Click on the next picture to find out how Tyrel remembered about the gift.

10. Remembering Everything

Fortunately, Tyrel asked his mother about the gift and the cowboy pictures and she told him all about it. Now that his memory was refreshed, Tyrel started talking with Joana. Click next to find out what Joana had to say about being ignored about Tyrel at first.

9. Curious Mind

When Joana was asked why she was so persistent even though Tyrel ignored her at first, she gave the following answer: “I was curious as to what he was like now. Was he going to college like me?” Nonetheless, the two got to talking and what happened next will surprise you.

8. Close Friendship

Joana and Tyrel started talking over Facebook and they became close friends after a while. However, this is not what destiny had in store for them and their friendship quickly evolved. Stick around to see how their friendship blossomed.

7. From Friends to Lovers

The two first became friends but their friendship turned into a relationship before they even knew it. Don’t forget to click next if you want to see how Tyrel got the courage to visit Joana.

6. Visiting Joana

After the two young people talked for one year, Tyrel decided that it was time for him to go over to the Philippines. By 2013 he graduated high school and worked for his dad’s company in order to save money for a plane ticket. Although, getting on a plane and going to Joana’s country is not as easy as it might seem.

5. Taking a Risk

This is what Tyrel said when he was asked about his first travel to the Philippines: “I knew I was taking a big risk, I had never traveled alone, let alone to a foreign country before and I was meeting people I didn’t know or even knew really existed.” Fortunately, Tyrel’s trip was worth it! Let’s go to the next picture and see how he felt when he landed.

4. Nervous and Excited

Tyrel is not afraid to reveal that he was nervous to arrive in the Philippines. He actually said that he was anxious throughout the whole flight. However, he also said that he couldn’t believe how attracted he was to Joana when he first saw her. Luckily, Joana felt the same way about him. 

3. Two Different Worlds

After spending a couple of days in the Philippines, Tyrel realized that he and Joana are living in two different worlds. Joana’s family showed him how hard living in the Philippines can be when compared to the US and that is when he decided to do whatever it takes to get Joana home. Although, it wasn’t easy because Tyrel had to get permission from her father first. You won’t believe what he did next.

2. Getting Married

When Tyrel came to visit Joana the second time, he mustered up the courage and asked her parents for permission to marry her. Fortunately, they were more than happy and allowed him to ask Joana’s hand in marriage. Obviously, Joana said yes and the two got married. The two even had a baby together! The most amazing thing is the strange request that the coupled asked everyone who attended their wedding to do. Make sure to click on the next picture and find out what it is.

1. Giving Out Gifts

Tyrel and Joana requested their wedding guests to donate a Christmas care package to the Samaritan’s Purse organization which helped them meet each other. The two newlyweds also promised to keep on sending out Christmas gifts for as long as they can.