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This Baby Was Born With A Deformity But Her Parents Decided To Fight It

This Baby Was Born With A Deformity But Her Parents Decided To Fight It

After 15 months of trying to get pregnant, Clare Rowe and her husband Dane finally received some good news. With only three days away from the couple’s first IVF appointment, Clare found out that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, this news turned out to be bittersweet as you’re going to find out.

While Clare and Dane were excited to find out they are going to have a baby, they also found out that the baby will be born with a serious deformity. However, this didn’t discourage the parents from fighting against the odds as you will clearly see. Nonetheless, let’s check out how this couple’s power of love managed to overcome their struggle.

20. Meet Clare and Rowe

Clare and Rowe are two amazing people who will show us just how strong parents love their babies. They will also show us what fighting against the odds and true courage looks like.

Sadly, #19 will also show us what their little baby had to go through right after being born.

19. Little Azalea

This is little Azalea, Clare and Rowe’s baby. As we all can see, there is something wrong with her belly.

18. Tears of Joy and Sadness

The difference between tears of joy and tears of sadness is usually easy to spot. However, this is not the case since Azalea’s first meeting with her parents was filled with both joy and sadness. If you feel like this is heartbreaking, wait until you find out what’s coming next.

17. The Bad News

Little Azalea was born with a rare health problem that’s known as “Omphalocele”. This means that Azalea’s abdominal muscles are underdeveloped, and they can’t hold her organs in. Therefore, some parts of the baby’s stomach such as the bowel, stomach, liver and gallbladder were outside of her body, covered by a thin layer of membrane.

16. Four Days Of Starvation

The baby’s external organs are covered by a delicate membrane which might tear if she eats anything. This means that Clare wasn’t allowed to feed her baby, for 4 days straight! While it might seem like the situation couldn’t get worse for the Rowe couple, things get grimmer. However, Clare and Dane didn’t stop fighting.

15. Not Compatible With Life

As if the news of the baby’s rare heath disease wasn’t enough, the doctors told Clare that her baby is “not compatible with life”. This is something that no parent ever wants to hear. Luckily, Clare proved them wrong. You won’t believe what she did…

14. Keep Fighting

Despite all these bad news, Clare and Dane didn’t stop fighting. Baby Azalea needed to lay on her back for more than 4 months before the parents could take her home. Fortunately, time passed by quickly and just look at how happy they are for taking her outside for the first time. Check out the next photo to see how happy Azalea looks after finally leaving the hospital.

13. First Day Home

After four months of fighting and struggling against this rare health disease, little Azalea was finally home. The baby’s smile lit up the whole house, but this didn’t mean that Clare and Dane could let their guard down. What Clare had to go through every day for saving her daughter will melt your heart!

12. Applying Dressings and Protecting the Exterior Organs

Even though Azalea was finally home, this didn’t mean that Clare could take a break. She had to learn how to firmly apply bandages to her baby’s belly to protect her organs and to promote skin growth. Just look at the next picture to see what Clare received for her resilience.

11. What Really Matters

The happy look on Azalea’s face is the reason why Clare and Dane are not giving up. Although, there’s no parent that will ever give up on their baby. Clare learned how to nurse her own daughter, meaning that she didn’t need to stay in the hospital anymore. And this is what really matters. Sadly, Clare wasn’t ready for what was about to happen next.

10. Moving Painful Hernias

The baby wasn’t feeling any pain whenever Clare was changing her bandages since there were no nervous endings on her belly membrane. However, some hernias were causing her pain. This is the point where the operations started.

9. Undergoing Surgery

As if Azalea didn’t have enough problems on her plate, hernias were causing her pain. Clare and Dane had to take her to the hospital once again. Fortunately, the operation was successful and Azalea is now in recovery. This is where things start looking better for Azalea and the best is yet to come! Just look at how happy she looks.

8. Road Trip

Just look at how cute her smile is, this is how you know that a surgery is successful. From here on out, Azalea was no longer in pain and her future started looking brighter. What happened next surprised even the doctors!

7. Cuteness Overload

Now that Azalea was not suffering anymore, she started feeling like a normal baby. On the other hand, Clare and Dane were also relieved to know that their baby is doing fine. They weren’t even prepared for what happened next.

6. Her Valiant Mother

Clare’s determination to not give up on her baby who is “not compatible for life” has proved to be the right choice. Claire even said that whenever her baby learns to do something new, she feels like going to the hospital and rubbing it in the doctor’s face.

5. Love Prevails

No one would blame Clare or Dane for being scared when they first heard about their baby’s rare health condition, but they didn’t back down. This image shows us how a mother’s love can turn any bad thing into something good. You won’t believe what Clare decided to do for encouraging every mother that has to deal with rare health conditions such as this.

4. World Omphalocele Awareness Day

Clare learned how hard it is to deal with rare health diseases on her own and the reason why she decided to make her story public is to prepare everyone for the World Omphalocele Awareness Day. Sharing personal stories such as this shows us how great Clare truly is.

3. Final Operation

Even though Azalea might not be that excited about this, she is scheduled for one more final surgery. This operation is going to help contain Azalea’s external organs once and for all. This is the final step that she needs to take before being completely free of this health issue.

2. Just the Begining

Soon, after Azalea gets done with her final operation she will finally be able to go outside and make friends. This is just the beginning for Azalea, and this should be an example for all mothers that love always prevails in the end.

1.Happy Ending

We’re glad to see that this story has a happy ending and we wish a fast recovery to Azalea. Let’s hope that in the future, doctors will stop from making statements such as the baby is “not compatible for life” when there’s still hope.