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Baby Chimp Rescued From Poachers Gets To Co-Pilot A Plane To An Animal Sanctuary

Baby Chimp Rescued From Poachers Gets To Co-Pilot A Plane To An Animal Sanctuary

Who hasn’t dreamt of piloting a plane? Well, this pilot surely hasn’t ever dreamt that he will have an awesome co-pilot by his side. He rescued a baby chimp from poachers and couldn’t just put it in a cage while flying the plane. So, the next obvious move was to hold it and cuddle the cute chimp. And what did the chimp do?

Check out these photos and prepare to have a good laugh!

20. Rescued From Poachers

This cute footage started with Anthony Caere saving a chimp from poachers in Congo. He works with the rangers that are on patrols to catch poachers and he even appeared on ‘Flying Doctors’, a Belgian documentary. Then he met Mussa, the baby chimp…

19. Getting Along

After he saved the chimp, they became friends while piloting the plane to the Lwiro Primates – a rehabilitation center and sanctuary for about 200 orphaned chimps and monkeys from Congo… The next photo will melt your heart!

18. Bonding on The Plane

It didn’t take long for Anthony to become friends with little Mussa. The baby chimp sat in his lap and even helped him a bit. You won’t believe what the chimp does next! Here’s what Anthony said about it…

17. Great Teamwork

‘Great teamwork of @lwirocrpl and Virunga National Park to save this baby out of the hands of poachers’, said Anthony in a Facebook photo that showed him and his furry co-pilot working together!

16. Investigating the Plane

But before getting all comfortable, the baby chimp started investigating the control panel, looking out the window and exploring all the weird stuff on the plane. Then Mussa sits on Anthony’s lap and does this… we’re in tears!

15. Adjusting the Throttle

The chimp appears to handle the situation, and after seeing what Anthony does, he reaches out and adjusts the throttle with those tiny fingers! This guy was meant to be a co-pilot, no doubt about it!

14. Anthony Loves the Little Chimp

Just like a good parent, Anthony takes care of the baby chimp and hold him, kissing his head and even grooming Mussa. The baby is so happy and content that after the intense adventure, he takes a great decision…

13. It’s Past My Nap Time!

It’s when the baby chimp falls asleep in Anthony’s loving arms that everyone goes all mushy on the inside! The footage reached a lot of people on the internet and it’s heart melting! A man and a chimp floating in the sky…

12. We’ll Let This Slide… For Now!

Well, of course, it’s not a good idea to fall asleep on the job, but this little fella gets away because he’s just too adorable! But baby Mussa’s story is actually very sad. This is what Anthony said in his post on Facebook.

11. A Sad Story

‘We flew baby Mussa to his new home at Lwiro Primates. This looks cute but is actually a sad story. He should be with his mum…’, said Anthony. The only good thing about the story is that the chimp got a new good home… Where did Mussa live before? Prepare to be shocked!

10. Lwiro Primates

In an interview, Lwiro Primates explained how they found Mussa. The poor chimp ‘was living in North Kivu, in a village called Beni.’ They have been informed through Whatsapp about the case and immediately stepped in and found this…

9. A Pet Ready to Be Sold

Mussa lived in a house with an expat that also owned some ‘protected reptile in his house’, said Lwiro Primates. They didn’t know if the chimp was a pet or was kept until the person found a buyer, but the statistics are in favor of the latter.

8. ‘Small Poachers’

Chimps are getting illegally imported towards China and the Middle East, but the small poachers kill adult chimps for their meat and when they find baby chimps, they sell them as pets for 20-50$ each… So Mussa’s family was killed.

7. Mothers Are Very Protective

Lwiro Primates believed that Mussa’s family has been killed because usually, the baby stays with the family: ‘mothers will do anything possible to protect their offspring’, so it is ‘not possible to take a baby from the arms of her/his mum without killing her’. But Mussa ended up in this awesome place…

6. Settling Into a New Home

That’s where Anthony came to help the guys from Lwiro Primates. We’re all in awe of him, hearing he’s helped saving so many chimps so far! Here’s what the sanctuary said about baby Mussa.

5. Only 3 Years Old

The chimp is about 3 years old and he has to spend some time in quarantine with other four babies like him – orphaned after poaching. Later, they will join chimp groups and live a normal and safe life. Wondering how many chimps there are at the sanctuary?

4. That’s a Lot of Primates!

At the moment, the sanctuary takes care ‘of 80 chimps and 100 monkeys different species’, and the Lwiro Primates also said that they want to ‘reintroduce these primates into the wild’, but so far, it hasn’t been possible. Here’s why…

3. Falling Victims to ‘Human Greed’

The primates are in danger of getting killed by poachers, especially the ones saved and which got accustomed to humans… As for Mussa, we’re happy to know that, except for some intestinal parasites, he’s in great health!

2. Tomatoes Are the Best

Thanks to Anthony, Mussa has a new life and has discovered that tomatoes are the tastiest food ever! And if you’re thinking Anthony Caere is done being the hero, you couldn’t be more wrong!

1. You’re Our Hero!

Caere has an Instagram page that astonished everyone with images and videos from the park and wildlife. He shares his life with the rangers and the primates! Here’s how he started this year:

‘One of the little things I wish for this year is that we all do only that little extra effort for our beautiful, endangered planet, its nature, and its animals.’