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Baby Deer Raised With Dogs Starts Acting Like One

Baby Deer Raised With Dogs Starts Acting Like One

Your heart will melt when you get a look at these images of a friendship shared between an Australian shepherd dog and a tiny fawn. This tiny fawn wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for the rescuing it. Now you won’t believe how close these two are. 

20. Farmers  

Image: Media Storehouse

Farmers in Regensburg, Germany were attending to their daily activities when they noticed something strange on their farm. At first glance, they couldn’t figure out what it was. Then they realized the harsh truth…

19. Abandoned 

Image: Flower Hill Farm Retreat

There on the farm was a tiny fawn all by itself. The fawn was only a week old and there was no mother in sight. The farmers knew that they had to rescue it.

18. Unable 

Image: Sudbury Star

Since the fawn was so young its chances of surviving on its own were slim. It most likely would have died if the farmers hadn’t spotted him. So what did the farmers do to help?

17. Relocating 


One of the farmer’s knew of a family close-by that had raised a deer before. He quickly packed up the baby and headed off to the family’s home. But would the family accept this new fawn?

16. Accepted 


The family accepted the baby fawn with open arms! They began bottle-feeding him and were able to nurse him back to help. Then they gave him a wonderful name: Hansi. 

15. Falling In Love 

Image: Daily Mail

Although the family absolutely adored Hansi, there was one family member in particular that was purely smitten. It happened to be their 12-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy named Lia. Lia was obsessed with Hansi!

14. Taking Care 

Image: Daily Mail

Lia immediately began taking care of Hansi when he was brought to the home. It has been three weeks since Hansi was brought to the family’s home and the duo are inseparable. They do just about everything together. 

13. Together 

Image: Daily Mail

Lia and Hansi spend pretty much their whole day together. The family often catches them cuddling together or playing a fun game. Hansi will often act just like a dog and rough house like one too! 

12. Unique 

Image: White Wolf Pack

The entire situation is so unique that it prompted pet photographer and microbiologist, Anna Auerbach, to capture some stunning photos of the pair. Their incredibly special bond was captured in a series of photos that Auerbach is immensely proud of. 

11. Cute Shots 

Image: Life With Dogs

Some of the shots are too cute for words! In one, you can clearly see Lia trying to get some milk out of Hansi’s baby bottle. Everyone was blown away by the sweetness of the moment. 

10. Getting Along 

Image: Daily Mail

Auerbach was surprised by just how well the two of them got along. “The two of them get along really well. Hansi sees Lia and the other dogs she is being brought up with as family,” Auerbach said.

9. Quick Shoot

Image: Daily Mail

The shoot only took about 30 minutes. All I had to do was lie on the grass and wait for the right moments – there were so many.” While this friendship is simply amazing in so many ways, they aren’t the only deer and puppy duo out there! 

8. Great Dane


There is another inseparable connection between Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the deer. Pippin was discovered abandoned outside of the house of Isobel Springiest and promptly taken in to be cared for. 

7. Wandering 

Image: Seattle Trekker

We saw the tiny fawn wandering near our house, looking for its mother and crying – it was hard to ignore,” Isobel said. “We brought it into the house and our dog Kate was on her bed, so we put the fawn beside her for warmth. Over the next few days the two bonded.”

6. Strong Bond 

Image: Daily Mail

Kate and Pippin soon spent all of their time together. ”Her whole demeanor changed,” Isobel said. “I knew she was a good dog, but I didn’t expect her to mother the fawn.” 

5. Playful Partners

Image: Daily Mail

They spent hours playing in our front garden. Even when Pip became a mature doe, she and Kate still played together. They remain the best of friends.” Even though Pippin no longer lives at Isobel’s home, the two of them have still kept the friendship going. 

4. Dropping By 

Image: Daily Mail

Pippin will drop by the house periodically to see Kate. Kate is always waiting nearby, happy to see her best friend return. “They still love to rub noses,” says Isobel.

3. Playdates 

Image: Daily Mail

There’s a strong connection, but they have no idea it’s a weird one,” Isobel said, jokingly. Pippin has even become a mother and brings her fawns over on her playdates. The babies, however, still keep their distance. 

2. Children’s Book 

Image: Daily Mail

The duo’s friendship even inspired a children’s book called Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story. The story describes how Pippin and Kate became the best of friends in the most unlikely scenario. 

1. Rescuers 

Image: Deer

Thanks to the wonderful people who went out of their way to rescue a lost fawn, these deer were able to grow up big and strong! They now also share a dynamic and unique friendship with an unlikely pup – talk about a happy ending.