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A Baby Elephant Collapses On The Road. How Her Family Responds Left Everyone Speechless

A Baby Elephant Collapses On The Road. How Her Family Responds Left Everyone Speechless

No matter the species, when we see a baby falling, the first instinct is to go and help them up. And it applies to all humans and animals. This cute baby elephant just collapsed on a busy road and the herd had to act fast. The way the baby elephant’s family acted shocked everyone. Here are all the photos that show us how the animals react when they see the baby elephant falling down. It is more than heart melting!

20. Baby Elephant Falls on The Road


It’s quite an often problem that many animals face and humans do it too when they’re babies. But the baby elephant was crossing a busy road and out of nowhere, he just stumbled and fell. What will the herd do?

19. Help Needed


We all know elephants are quite big and getting up is difficult. And the poor baby just had the unfortunate timing of falling down. But it was not alone! It had the herd on its side.

18. Stopping The Traffic


The vehicles also stopped to wait for the baby elephant to get up. The road was in South Africa, Kruger National Park. The calf tried to get up by itself, but couldn’t do it and got stuck in the middle of the road.

17. A Heart-Melting Video


The whole moment was filmed and uploaded on YouTube, creating a lot of emotions on the internet. People were touched by the herd’s gesture. You won’t believe your eyes at #14!

16. Time to Get Help


Seeing that the calf couldn’t do it on its own, adult elephants came to help the little guy up. Traffic was still waiting for the baby to get up and people weren’t even annoyed by it.

15. A One of A Time Encounter


The people that watched the whole moment with their own eyes were probably expecting to see how the baby gets up and continues its journey.

14. Giving Some Trunks and Feet


The larger elephants came and helped the baby up with their feet and trunks. At the beginning we lost hope, seeing that the baby cannot get up even with their help. Was it hurt? Fortunately, he was persistent!

13. The Kruger Sightings Channel


This YouTube channel shows us the whole action, receiving a lot of views – over 11 million, and many responses from users. They were astonished to see the herd being protective and trying their best to help the calf join them.

12. A Touching Moment


Some of the commenters were so touched by the video, that said: ‘I wanted to help the poor little thing myself.’ They were also pleased to see that the vehicles kept their distance.

11. The Baby Elephant is Lucky


This adorable moment shows us how the baby elephant’s family supports their little ones. They surround the calf to protect it from incoming traffic and leave it enough time to get up.

10. It Took Them Some Time…


The herd took their time, but the baby elephant finally got up and started walking off with the herd. The traffic went back to normal and we can all rejoice the happy moment. But why did the calf fall?

9. A Fabulous Clumsy Elephant


It is true that elephants are majestic beings, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be clumsy sometimes. A viewer said that the video reminded them of their toddler ‘toddler that decided to have a rest on the supermarket floor.’

8. Tired?


Other people thought that maybe the baby elephant got tired from too much walking or just stumbled and fell. It’s quite normal for many babies, right? Either way, we can all agree that the moment is cute and heart melting!

7. Kind Natured Animals


It is known that elephants have a kind nature and they are very attached to their herd and even more to their newborns. The same goes for monkeys. And this scene shows it all!

6. Was The Calf Playing?


You can see that at the beginning, the herd doesn’t pay attention to the baby elephant. They thought that perhaps the baby wanted to play. But two of them took things more seriously and helped the clumsy baby up on its feet.

5. Happy Ending


Fortunately, the tourists passing by saw that the little elephant looked healthy and it must have been just sleepy or tired. Who wouldn’t need a nap in the middle of the street from time to time?

4. Empathic Animals


Scientists believe that elephants are empathic animals that are used to touching and calling out ‘to those in distress’. They also used chirps or rumbles and touched the mouth and faces of the elephants that are in distress.

3. Childish Behavior


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust said that elephants usually have this behavior and they are pretty much like us. They can be happy, sad, envious, jealous and even throw tantrums. Each elephant is unique and has a different personality.

2. Adorable Clumsiness


Babies are usually dependent on their parents, and young elephants are very dependent on their mothers. Seeing such a huge and cute animal being adorably clumsy warms our hearts to the point of melting!

1. A Well Behaved Baby


We hope that this baby was just tired and he was not misbehaving on such a busy road. But it sure showed us what it feels to have so many of your kin around you to lend a hand… or a trunk when in need!