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Baby Elephant Protects Wounded Brother While Entire Pack Runs Away

Baby Elephant Protects Wounded Brother While Entire Pack Runs Away

Life in Kenya is not easy. The place is filled with predators who are fighting over prey and food is scarce, especially for herbivores. This is why some elephants get in trouble for eating the crops of local farmers, but the way these farmers retaliate is heartbreaking!

20. Heartbreaking Picture

This heartbreaking picture shows us how a young baby elephant is sticking by his brother’s side even though he might be surrounded by scary humans. In fact, the baby elephant is doing his best to fight off the humans who are trying to get closer to his brother and you won’t believe why!

19. Protective Brother

Even though he is the youngest one in the family, this baby elephant is not going to let anyone get close to his injured brother. While the baby might not be able to understand this, the humans are there to help and you will be shocked to find out why!

18. Flying Arrows

The big elephant is not dead, he is asleep! The animal was sedated because he was badly injured by arrows and the rescuers wanted to treat his wounds, but couldn’t do that while he was awake. You won’t believe why he was shot with arrows.

17. Eating Crops

As previously mentioned, food is scarce in Kenya and the big elephant ate some of the local crops. The farmers got angry and started shooting the elephant with their bows. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

16. Helicopter Ride

The big elephant was surrounded by his pack and the rescuers couldn’t get close to them and as crazy as this might sound, they had to tranquilize him while flying over in a helicopter. But why did the small elephant stayed behind?

15. Scared Elephants

As the helicopter was flying over the pack, all elephants started running away scared. After the dust settled, only one elephant was brave enough to stick around by his younger brother and protect him.

14. Brave Elephant

Even though he is just a baby, this elephant showed signs of bravery when he didn’t run away like everyone else did. Although, the baby elephant did get a little bit scared when humans got closer to him. Here’s why…

13. Getting Scared

You can clearly see that the baby elephant is scared in this picture. He doesn’t know what the humans want to do with his big brother but luckily, the humans mean them no harm!

12. Helping Out

Things started getting interesting when the humans got closer to the big elephant because the younger one seemed to realize that they don’t want to hurt him. The baby elephant got closer to his brother and tried to comfort him while the humans were treating his wounds.

11. Always By His Side

Everyone was moved to see how dedicated this baby elephant is to helping his brother. Isn’t it amazing how strong the bond between these animals is?

10. Brotherly Love

Even though the baby elephant was taking a huge risk staying by his brother side, he was willing to put it all on the line! Now this is what brotherly love is all about. Then something amazing happened!

9. Intelligent Animals

These heartbreaking pictures also show us just how intelligent elephants can be. It seems like there is a good reason why elephants are so good at circus tricks and not only because of harsh training.

8. Safe To Go

The rescuers did their best to hurry and finish patching up the bigger elephant because they didn’t want the pack to get too far away. One hour passed and they finished their job. Where do you think the two brothers left after this?

7. Back To The Pack

As soon as the big elephant woke up, the two brothers rushed straight to their pack. That was a scary experience for them, but it was necessary so that the bigger elephant could survive.

6. Baby Elephant

Now that we showed you just how clever elephants can be, let’s take a look at some of the world’s most adorable baby elephants because its going to bring a smile to your face!

5. Tiny Siblings

The previous pictures showed us that elephant siblings care very much about each other. However, this picture shows us where it all starts! Aren’t these two tiny elephants just the most adorable animals ever?

4. Play Time

This little guy is just playing with his friends! What else is a cute elephant to do all day long other than to play in the field?

3. Hide And Seek

Playing hide and seek is never going to be easy for elephants. They are just way too big for that! However, the next elephant has found a better hiding spot.

2. Thirsty

This little guy must be really thirsty! Or is he just looking to cool off during a hot summer day?

1. Holding Hands

Is this the elephant version of holding hands with your mother? Nonetheless, this baby elephant is super cute and he sure is a mamma’s boy!