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Baby Orangutan Who Asked A Woman For Help Now Gets His Happy Ending

Baby Orangutan Who Asked A Woman For Help Now Gets His Happy Ending

Zoos usually take in animals that are hurt or in need of a home. Sadly, this isn’t the case with all zoos since some of them keep animals who don’t want to be there. Before we get into it, I need to warn you that this story might break your heart, even though the baby monkey gets his happy ending. 

20. Shaking Hands

Shaking hands with a baby orangutan is cool, right? If you take a better look at this picture you will see that it’s not!

19. Chained Down

As you can clearly see, the baby orangutan doesn’t want to be there and the only reason why he’s not leaving is because he is chained to the ground. Although, this is not the worst thing about this story…

18. Mistreated

The worst thing about this chained baby orangutan is that he is mistreated. The next photo will shock you!

17. Trying To Break Loose

The baby orangutan is constantly trying to break loose but sadly, he just doesn’t have enough strength. The upcoming pictures will shock you!

16. Afraid Of Humans

Even though tourists are trying to shake hands with the poor animal, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. This is where things get sad because the person who is keeping him captive gets physical with the baby orangutan.

15. He Is A Prisoner

The baby orangutan is a prisoner and he gets mistreated by his owner every time he doesn’t do what the tourists ask. You won’t believe how the orangutan ended up here.

14. Bought From Poachers

This baby orangutan was bought from poaches. To make things even worse, the poachers killed his mother when they stole him. But the story doesn’t end here…

13. He Doesn’t Like Humans

Knowing that the baby orangutan was kidnapped from his mother and that he is being forced to stay on the sidewalk, no one can blame him for hating to be around humans. He keeps doing this heartbreaking gesture…

12. He Asks For Help

The most heartbreaking thing about this baby orangutan is that he keeps asking for help from tourists. Sadly, no one is able to free him! Until a woman sees him and decides to take action.

11. Sad Look

That sad look says it all! Someone needs to help this poor baby orangutan get out of those chains!

10. Helpless

Can you imagine how difficult it must be to so helpless? Let’s hope these pictures change people’s perception about tourists attractions. Keep reading to see why!

9. No More Money

If tourists would stop visiting people who keep animals captive against their will, then those people would not be able to make any money. This might be the only way to ensure that no other baby orangutan gets trapped in chains.

8. Breaking The Chain

The baby orangutan is constantly looking for ways to break the chain loose. He even tries twisting it around as you will see in the next picture.

7. Twisting Around

The baby orangutan grabs the chain in his palms and then frantically spins around in hopes of breaking it. Unfortunately, the baby orangutan doesn’t succeed and he starts crying.

6. Crying

Just by looking at this picture you can tell that the baby orangutan is hurting…What he does next will break yor heart.

5. Call For Help

Despite not being able to break free, the baby orangutan is not giving up! He starts screaming at the tourists as if he is asking for help. And finally, someone hears him.

4. A Helping Hand

A tourist that was visiting the site decided to do something about the poor animal. But breaking him free on her own wasn’t an option…

3. Laying Down

The next day the woman called the local authorities. When the rescuers saw the baby monkey they were shocked!

2. The Solution

Considering that the owners didn’t have an authorization for keeping wild animals in their home, they managed to take the poor baby away.

1. Helping Out

The animal was taken to a sanctuary and now he’s finally enjoying life. We’re so happy that someone took action and saved his life.