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Baby Rhino Doesn’t Let Anyone Get Close To His Injured Mom

Baby Rhino Doesn’t Let Anyone Get Close To His Injured Mom

There is a strong bond between wild animals, especially mothers and their babies. In fact, everyone knows not to get close to a mom and her baby because things get scary if one of them feels threatened. With that in mind, today you will see the amazing experience that two vets lived after trying to treat an injured rhino mamma while her baby was around!

20. Protective Mamma


All mothers are protective of their babies, but rhinos take it to the next level. No one can get close to their babies, and there’s a good reason behind that!

19. Hunters

Sadly, rhinos are some of the most hunted wild animals and this is why they are always on guard. Things don’t end here because there are some people trying to get them at each corner. Can you guess who they are?

18. Poachers

The biggest fear that rhinos have is poachers. These people are cruel and they are more than willing to kill rhinos in exchange for money. Why do you think poachers kill rhinos?

17. The Horns

Rhinos are such a big target for poachers because of their horns. Poachers cut them off and sell them on the black market. This got so bad that rhinos are actually going extinct!

16. Human Help

Despite being terrified by poachers and hunters, rhinos still need some human help from time to time. This is the case of a mamma rhino who got injured while roaming the plains of Kwazulu Natal.

15. Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal is a place in South Africa that is renowned for its wildlife. This is why many vets who specialize in saving wildlife stay around this place. But this story shocked everyone! Let’s see how everything started…

14. Injured Mamma Rhino

The vets saw that a mamma rhino was badly injured and she couldn’t walk properly. They knew that if they didn’t treat her wound, the mamma rhino’s chances of surviving on her own were slim.

13. Helping The Mamma Rhino

Even though the vets were determined to help the mamma rhino get better, they still had to deal with a big problem! The rhino’s cub was around and he was angry.

12. Angry Rhino Baby

The baby rhino was sitting just by his mother’s side and it wasn’t looking like he was going to leave anytime soon. This posed a problem for the vets because the baby rhino didn’t want them getting close to his mamma. You won’t believe what he does when the vets start approaching his mom!

11. Charging The Vets!

The baby rhino immediately starts charging at the vets as soon as they try to get close to his mother. While this might be adorable, the vets had to figure out a way to safely treat the big rhino.

10. Not Looking For Trouble

The baby rhino was not looking for trouble by any means, he was just being protective of his mother. Luckily, he started realizing that the vets were not there to hurt him so he did this next thing…

9. A Helping Hand

The vets kept on getting closer and closer to the mamma rhino until the baby realized that they don’t want to hurt her. You will be amazed to see what the baby rhino does next!

8. Calming Down

After charging at the vets for a couple of times, the baby rhino calmed down and the vets started treating the mother. The upcoming picture will bring a smile on your face!

7. Super Protective

The baby rhino was still super protective and he wouldn’t let the vets out of his sight. Isn’t he just the most adorable rhino ever?

6. Something Is Wrong

As the vets were doing their job, the rhino feels like something is wrong. Can you guess what he does next?

5. Headbutting The Vets

For some reason, the baby rhino doesn’t like something and he started charging towards the vets once again and manages to headbutt one of them. Luckily, the vets already knew that the baby rhino couldn’t hurt them and they kept on treating his mamma.

4. Back To Work

As you can see from this picture, one of the vets just put his hand in front of the little rhino and this calmed him down. For a while…

3. The Treatment Is Working

The little rhino stopped making a fuss and the vets were able to finish their job. Keep reading to see how happy the mamma rhino looks after getting her injury treated!

2. The Mamma Is Fine!

The treatment worked perfectly and the mamma was in good health once again. The two were ready to start running around the plains of Kwazulu Natal once again.

1.Brave Rhino

This amazing story shows us just how strong the bond between a mother and her children really is. Nonetheless, what did you think of this brave rhino baby?