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Baby Rhino Loses Mom To Poachers, Then Rescuers Introduce Her To A Cat

Baby Rhino Loses Mom To Poachers, Then Rescuers Introduce Her To A Cat

It might remain a mystery, but nobody knows why Mewie, an orange tabby, decided to make friends with an orphaned rhino. But what really counts is that these two odd friends are having a blast together! You won’t believe how it all began!

Here’s a hint: both the rhino and the tabby were rescued when they were babies, and they have in common the beloved caretaker and kitty mom, Jamie Traynor. They all live at The Rhino Orphanage, in South Africa, a sanctuary supported by the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation (WHWF).

20. An Odd Resident

When you hear about the ‘Rhino Orphanage,’ you’d naturally only think that they have only baby rhinos and the staff. But among all those big rhino babies, there was an odd resident: Mewie the tabby!

19. Rescuing Rhinos and Cats!

Mewie was a rescue kitten, who was found by Jamie Traynor. Jamie is the person who takes care of the orphaned rhinos at the orphanage. When she found the baby tabby, he was only a few weeks old…

18. He Likes to Follow His Mom

Traynor was very amused because her cat would follow her around the orphanage. However, he always knew to stay away from the big rhinos. He spent some time with the other cats too. But later, one baby rhino made him change his mind…

17. He Has Other Furry Siblings

Inside the house, where he lives with his mom, he made friends with the other housecats or critters and enjoys to nap in the evenings. He appeared to be just a regular cat, but then this adorable thing happened…

16. Nandi Was Only a Baby

In December 2016, Nandi was found all alone, without her mother. She was only two months old, and she was probably a silent witness to the poachers that killed her mother. Nandi somehow survived for a few days…

15. She Drank Her Milk!

On their Facebook page, the orphanage posted photos of Nandi, updating everyone on her situation: ‘Her name is ‘Nandi’ which means love. She drank her milk straight away on Saturday night and is still drinking well and eating dry food.’

14. Young Rhinos Would Eat Anything…

The orphanage continued explaining what was wrong with Nandi. they said that ‘when young orphans are alone they tend to eat anything, including harmful sand due to hunger.’ But things would soon get better!

13. Nandi Is a Fighter

‘She’s a little rhino with a big attitude and has given Jamie many bruises already, but she’s slowly getting to know the caregivers,’ continued saying the heartwarming post. Then, the most amazing thing happened. Check it out at #9!

12. She Was Recovering

Jamie Traynor took great care of the baby rhino, and she even slept by Nandi’s side at her most critical moments. Paul Oxton is the founder and director of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation (WHWF).

11. Then, She Met Mewie

Oxton saw Nandi for the first time after saving her and couldn’t believe his eyes how healthy she was. Nandi was no longer sad and scared. She loved her caretakers, and she even met a new odd friend: Mewie! It was love at first sight…

10. It Was Love at First Sight!

We must say that this was love at first sight! Mewie didn’t care that Nandi was larger than him. He usually kept to himself, but it all changed when he saw Nandi. Then, they would do this thing, which made them famous on the internet!

9. They Love to Take Naps

Whenever they’re home, the cat and the rhino like to take a nap together with their mom. And because nobody would have believed her, Traynor filmed to show us how fun is to watch these two friends!

8. A Video With this Odd Pair Became Viral

Traynor said that Nandi and Mewie ‘get along pretty well because they both love to go for walks and then come back home and take a nap.’ She also has to carry Mewie back because he gets tired!

7. Mewie Would Protect His BFF

Looking at how cute these guys are in the video, you can see that they care about each other. Mewie kept a close eye on his friend to make sure she is following. He is quite a protective tabby!

6. Nandi Will Go Back to the Wild

Everyone behind the rescue of Nandi hopes that she will get strong so that she can be released back into the wild. However, she would have to grow a little more. This means that Mewie and Nandi can play some more!

5. It’s Been Two Years…

As we already said, Nandi was saved at the end of 2016, so it’s been more than a year and a half of cuteness for Traynor with both Nandi and Mewie around. The baby rhino became quite big and strong…

4. Nandi Was Officially Weaned!

Back in March, this year, The Rhino Orphanage announced that they have officially weaned Nandi. And a few months later, they also made an exciting announcement, and everyone was rooting for the rhino!

3. An Exciting Announcement

Just a few days ago, on 1 June, the orphanage announced that Nandi was successfully returned to the wild. She is a strong young rhino who can make it in the wild. But what about Mewie?

2. Mewie Will Surely Miss Her

We’re sure that Mewie will miss Nandi, but the orphanage has many other baby rhinos that surely need a loving cat by their side. He is such a great host to all the rhinos that come into his home!

1. The Best Friend For An Orphaned Rhino

This was an amazing bond, and we can safely say that it’s the first time we hear about a cat and a rhino striking such a heartwarming friendship! It’s definitely a friendship we’ll never forget, and probably neither will these two pals!