Bachelor party planning is so much fun because there are limitless ways to end your singlehood in style. It’s best to try to avoid strippers, obviously. You can play hard with other and more exciting activities.

Bachelor parties shouldn’t just be about women, stripping, and getting laid. It’s also about getting adventurous by having clean fun before your wedding day. Here are some ideas for your bachelor party planning.

Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ideal place for a bachelor party. There are many exciting activities, aside from gambling. One of the fun activities you can try is the sky combat ace. This involves a forty minute ride on a small plane doing crazy stunts that will surely pump up the adrenaline. It’s an aerial combat activity that is open for anyone to enjoy. You and your buddies will be safe because the pilot is an air force fighter pilot. Rather than the usual bachelor party, this is a better way to enjoy the remaining days of your bachelorhood.

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Another thing you can enjoy in Las Vegas is dream racing in Ferraris. If you and your buddies have been dreaming of driving an actual Ferrari car in a race track, now is the time for that dream to come true. You can go to Vegas and spend an unforgettable moment as a single guy. Where else can you feel like a racer driving a Ferrari in an actual race track? If you’re like most men, you can only experience that in Las Vegas. It’s a social activity that your buddies will never forget.

Another thrilling activity to do in Las Vegas is the stratosphere. If you and your friends are looking for the thrill, your bachelor party planning must include this activity. It’s a tower that stands 855 feet tall. You’ll jump off the top of the building. If you’re after the thrill, this is a perfect way to spend your last day as a single guy.

Trip to Chicago

It’s exciting to go to Chicago in the summer; the weather is perfect for watching a baseball game. It’s more exciting to watch a live game than stay inside a hotel to watch girls strip naked. Go out and have fun in Chicago. Aside from watching a baseball game, there is an abundance of bars that you can visit. Go bar-hopping and enjoy the night with good music and drinks.

Trip to Dewey Beach

Your wedding day is getting closer; go to Dewey Beach to relax with your friends. There are many bars in the area to enjoy dancing, music, and food.

There are many options for a bachelor party, including activities you’ll only get to experience once in a lifetime.