Looking to get a chiseled chest like Bane? You’re about to. This article is part of the Get Big Like Bane series. By following this training program below, you will be building mass within your pectoralis  – one of the three main muscle groups that make up Bane’s intimidating physique. There is something about a strong chest that makes a man in control (ask Bane) – it gives you power and the ability to push people or things with explosiveness. In pictures of Bane, it’s hard to see his chest, but as you will see in the movie, his pecs are serious. In addition, the violent and aggressive nature of Bane make having a strong and muscular chest a critical part of any Bane workout series.

Is there a muscle group as iconic as the chest? Whether it be King Kong slamming his fists into his chest or a champion pounding his chest to celebrate victory, how muscular a man’s chest is says a lot about him. In fact, would Superman or Captain America be as heroic without their statue-like chest muscles. Most chest exercises require a pushing motion, so when you see a man with a muscular chest that is bigger or stronger than yours, you should realize one of two things. The first, that this man could push you if he had to. The second, you would have a very hard time pushing him. In many cases, a muscular chest can make you an unstoppable force or an immovable object. Intimidating? yes. Powerful? you bet.

As you should know by now, we helped break the news when Tom Hardy was announced to become Bane. We were also sure to keep you updated on rumors and more recently, separated the rumors from the facts. Now, we’re about to teach you how to get a powerful chest like Bane. If you find any of the below exercises too challenging or find yourself struggling, you can use one of our top chest exercises as an alternative.

Focus On Form Like Bane

As mentioned throughout this series, we ask that you be conservative with the weight. Although with your chest exercises the risk of injury is less than with your shoulders, you should still focus on getting quality reps in. Like we said in this series already, perform each movement slowly and focus on having the right form to really get the best possible results. After all, if Batman and Bane were doing a workout routine, do you think they would spaz out trying to just swing weight around or do you think they would be methodical and calculated to get themselves in absolute peak condition?

Muscular Volume Like Bane

Dan Trink of Peak Performance, has explained hypertrophy (the process of increasing muscle mass)  is all about volume, variety, and muscle damage. By performing a variety of exercises and doing the appropriate volume of reps, you will be damaging your muscles which with sleep and protein, will help them recover and grow to be bigger. The ideal amount of repetitions to maximize growth is 8-10. Aim for 3 tri-sets of the below. Doing one set of each of the below exercise moves is one tri-set. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

The Workout

Bane fights Batman in the Dark Knight Rises

Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press is one of the most effective exercises for building mass, shape and power in your pecs. Unlike the barbell bench press which often causes shoulder pain and risks rotator cuff injury, this exercise allows you to comfortably stretch your pecs through a greater range of motion to stimulate more muscle fibers for enhanced growth and shape. If you use a neutral grip, you decrease the risk of shoulder injury even further. To maximize results with the dumbbell bench press, try to perform a tempo where you are explosively pushing the weight up (1 second up) and then lowering the weight for 4 seconds back to starting position (4 seconds down). As always, take it easy with the weight and focus on form.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The difference between the standard dumbbell bench press and the include bench press is the emphasis on the upper portion of your pecs when using an incline bench. Experiment with different weight to find the amount of weight that you can lift with proper training technique. Remember, don’t try to impress or keep up with anyone else in the gym – especially when you’re first starting out. Focus on you and your results.


Parallel Bar Dips are great for shaping and building mass in the entire pectoral region. Grasp the handles of a parallel dip apparatus and hold your body suspended between them. For primary training emphasis on your chest, lean forward as you perform this exercise. Inhale as you lower yourself as far down as you can comfortably descend and then exhale as you push yourself back up to the starting position. This exercise is a great bodyweight chest builder as long as you watch your technique and lean forward throughout the movement. If you don’t have parallel bars anywhere, you can do this with two chairs or a bench.

Burnout: The Fire Rises Edition

After you’ve completed your tri-sets of the exercises above, it’s time to give your muscles a burnout to get more results. Keep the weight low because you should be exhausted at this point.


Now that your chest will be throbbing and even pushing a door open will be a struggle, dig deep to find the motivation needed to finish strong. Starting off with include push ups, do as many push ups as you possibly can. As your feet are on a raised surface and you’ve done as may push ups as possible, then put your feet flat on the floor and complete as many regular push ups as you can. Once you’ve hit failure with the standard push ups, put your hands on a raised surface like stairs or a bench and finish strong. No set reps here needed, just do as many as you can. As long as you’re trying your hardest and your body is struggling, that means you are getting stronger and your muscle is getting damaged (a critical part of muscle growth).

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