Looking to get massive traps like Bane? Your search has come to an end. This article is part of the Get Big Like Bane series. By following this training program, you will be building mass within your trapezius  – one of the three main muscle groups that make up Bane’s intimidating physique. This is particularly evident in scenes with Bane wearing a vest, you can see his traps bulging out which just scream “don’t mess with me.” Bane doesn’t have to speak much because his muscles do the talking, if you’re looking to have a body that does the same – you have come to the right place.

Without question, one of the most intimidating muscles in a man’s physique are the trapezius muscles. The trapezius or “traps” are the two large triangular-shaped muscles that run across each shoulder from the back of your neck. By following the exercises that we have assigned to the shoulder routine from this series, you will already be getting some work in for your traps such as with the upright row. This particular routine below is something that will be slightly more targeted while to help speed up results and do additional muscle damage to promote muscle growth. We will also work on hitting some complimentary muscles that promote growth within your trapezius muscles.

As you should know by now, we helped break the news when Tom Hardy was announced to become Bane. We were also sure to keep you updated on rumors and more recently, separated the rumors from the facts. Now, we’re about to teach you how to get tremendous traps like Bane.

Focus on Form Like Bane

As mentioned throughout this series, we ask that you be conservative with the weight. By over-training your muscles you run the risk of injury and that will derail any hopes of being in great shape. Besides, many of the world’s top fitness and bodybuilding experts recognize that it is less about weight and more about the muscle and mind connection. Perform each movement slowly and focus on having the right form to really get the best possible results. After all, if Batman and Bane were doing a workout routine, do you think they would spaz out trying to just swing weight around or do you think they would be methodical and calculated to get themselves in absolute peak condition?

Muscular Volume Like Bane

As we keep shouting from the rooftops, one of the best trainers in the United States of America, Dan Trink of Peak Performance, has explained hypertrophy (the process of increasing muscle mass)  in a very easy to understand way. It’s all about volume, variety, and muscle damage. By performing a variety of exercises and doing the appropriate volume of reps, you will be damaging your muscles which with sleep and protein, will help them recover and grow to be bigger. The ideal amount of repetitions to maximize growth is 8-10. Aim for 3 tri-sets of the below. Doing one set of each of the below exercise moves is one tri-set. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

The Bane Workout

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises

Trap Bar Deadlift

For this exercise load a trap bar, also known as a hex bar, to an appropriate weight resting on the ground. Stand in the center of the apparatus and grasp both handles. Lower your hips, look forward with your head and keep your chest up. Begin the movement by driving through the heels and extend your hips and knees. Avoid rounding your back at all times. At the completion of the movement, lower the weight back to the ground under control. If you don’t have a trap bar or access to one, while standing with your feed at shoulder width – simply place dumbbells right next to your feet. Lower yourself with your palms facing inward, grasp the dumbbells and follow the same instructions by looking forward with your head and keeping your chest up and out. Drive through the heels and extend your hips and knees. Again, it is very important to use conservative weight and avoid rounding your back at all times.


This is, without question, one of the most popular exercises to workout your traps. Opinions differ on if they are best performed in front, at your side, or reverse – so we are going to have you do all three. Holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of you with your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart, stand straight up with the dumbbells hanging at arms length. Droop shoulders down as much as possible to start and then raise your shoulders up as far as you can go. You can also rotate your shoulders as you go up, going in a semicircular motion from front to rear. Then slowly return to the starting position. Your second set, perform the same while keeping the dumbbells at your side. For your third set, bring your arms behind your hips and perform the shrugs. This will give you the variety needed to git all angles necessary.

Sumo High Pull

Place a kettlebell or dumbbell on the ground between your feet. Position your feet in a wide stance, and grasp the weight with two hands. Set your hips back as far as possible, with your knees bent. Keep your chest and head up. This will be your starting position. Begin by extending the hips and knees, simultaneously pulling the weight to your shoulders, raising your elbows as you do so. Reverse the motion to return to the starting position.

Burnout Like Bane

After you’ve completed your tri-sets of the exercises above, it’s time to give your muscles a burnout to get more results. Keep the weight low because you should be exhausted at this point.

Around the World Shrug

Using lighter weights, gran a set of dumbbells and get ready to do some shrugs. You’re going to do three straight sets without any rest of shrugs. Aim for fifteen reps each of shrugs with the weights in front of you, by your side in a neutral grip, and behind your hips for a reverse grip. It will be 45 straight reps of shrugs, so give it everything you have and empty the tank.

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