There’s nothing worse than buying ill-fitting clothing. The likelihood is said clothing could well just live out the rest of its existence at the bottom of a heap of t-shirts and jeans and never see the light of day ahead. That’s reality. No one likes wearing ill-fitting clothes, because let’s face it, they aren’t comfortable to wear especially if they are too tight and they don’t look good.

We should all be comfortable in the clothes we wear as it has many benefits to us mentally and from a physical standpoint. The first of which is helping boost your self-confidence according to Men Style Fashion. “Feeling good in our clothes can leave to positive changes in our lives,” states fashion writer Jay Borg. And our clothes can be a catalyst for greater things.

The chances are if we feel good about the clothes we are wearing then that will translate to our overall mindset and mood. Research by the University of Queensland found that clothes can also mask emotion. Dr Alastair Tombs, who is the lead researcher at University says, “We demand many things from clothing. Quite a few people talked about using clothes to change their mood. If they get up and aren’t feeling great, they would put on something that would brighten them up.

“On other occasions they use clothes to mask their emotions. It didn’t brighten their mood, but it would give them the appearance of being bright and airy, even if that is not how they actually feel.” Thus, Tombs feels that although clothes can significantly boost our “sense of wellbeing, as we all blame certain garments when something goes wrong.”

Studies suggest that ill-fitting clothes have a detrimental affect on a person’s mindset. This is even more apparent if the person already lacks self-confidence or is overweight and is self-conscious about it. Plus Size clothing label King Size Direct, which specializes in garments for big and tall people suggests, “you’d be surprised how clothes look when they’re made for you.” Everyone is aware of the struggles some people go through trying to find the correct fitting clothes for bigger men and women, thus the prevalence of such brands nowadays has been somewhat of a saving grace for the plus size demographic.

Real Men Style also suggest that looking sharp gives off a professional, driven, mature, and self-confident that helps attract attention to your appearance. If you wear something that’s too tight then the chances are you’ll probably be conscious of what people think to your clothes.

If you’re unsure of what are the correct sizes for you, either get measured by a tailor, which takes literally five minutes, or see a shop assistant. While buying online has many perks, the chances of getting the outfit that fits you perfectly is minimal especially if you’re unsure of your correct size in the first place.

Dress sharp, while still dressing comfortably for a new you in 2016.