Someone said that a pessimist creates problems for the optimist to solve. Which one are you? Can you be an optimist and help to spread the cheer, too? Henrik Edberg talks about 7 tips to becoming an optimist.

Stand By Someone in Need

When a person vents, the negativity may sound frustrating if you’re not used to it. The other person needs someone to listen, and that’s your initial role. Sometimes the listening role suffices. Other times, you may need to assume another role. You can cheer the other person up, you can help provide a different perspective by being optimistic, or you may help identify the next step.

Spend Time With Family and Friends, and Play Positive Music

Music has a way of affecting people. So, prepare a playlist of optimistic songs, play it with friends, share and send them to other people in your contact list.

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Say Something Positive About Someone

Every person has something good or admirable about them. It won’t take a minute to say something positive. Be sincere about your compliment. If you take a moment to appreciate other people, it lifts their self-esteem and they feel better about themselves. That’s a big deal, especially if they’ve been feeling left out or taken for granted.

Relax and Smile

Smiling spreads positivity. Did you know that it can be forced? Try doing it while you’re feeling downcast. Nothing beats the real thing, but the physical simulation of a smile has physiological and emotional effects, encouraging an optimistic point of view. It relaxes the heart rate, calms the mind, and dispels a bad mood.

Wind Down With Someone

If you feel tension in the air, ask a colleague or your partner to a coffee break or a day at the beach. When everyone is so caught up with fast-paced routines, it’s difficult to slow down.

Pat Someone On the Shoulder

Reassure someone with a pat, touch, or a hug. The action tells the other person that all is well and that you will be there.

Build a Community of Cheerers

Don’t limit optimism within your closest circle. Spread the cheer to your neighborhood, to the old man in the park, and to your friends online. In no time, you’ll notice it coming your way, too.