When you think about caged animals, you imagine rats, bunnies, and dogs being experimented on in a laboratory. However, that isn’t the only type of caged animals. All around the world, there are animals being caged and treated poorly for entertainment. The most common caged animals for entertainment are ones that are dangerous. Strong, ferocious animals are a spectacle for viewers and one in particular, bears, are getting the worst of it.

20. Caged and Bored

Source: imgur.com

The brown bear is one of the most common types of bears and is also the first type of bear that comes to mind. They are abundant across Northern Eurasia, especially Russia, and are being subjected to horrible conditions for entertainment. These brown bears are captured, kept in cages, and never allowed to leave the confinements of their cages. They begin to become restless and try to find any way to escape their enclosures.

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