So yes, the secret is out about Ben Affleck. He is the new Batman in the now soon-to-be released movie, Batman Vs Superman. But what many don’t know is that Ben initially turned down the role, because he wasn’t sure he could pull off playing Batman. What’s even more, Batman fans aren’t happy with Ben playing the Caped Crusader, venting their fury on social media websites demanding to producers that he must be replaced.

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Nevertheless, with the hectic shooting schedules and the preparation that Ben has been going through, he is hoping that fans will forgive him for his Daredevil fiasco. Warner Bros have ensured that the movie will be treated as a superhero ensemble rather than just a Batman or Superman film. This will surely take some pressure off Affleck.

Recently seen with his daughter, Ben flexed his well-sculpted body. It was obvious that Ben had gone the extra mile to get a perfectly shaped body, as he had shed away his flabby frame, most recently seen while on vacation with family.  Getting a new body takes more than just a day’s work. Ben went in for rigorous physical workouts with his trainer. Here is a summary of how Ben trained for his role as Batman. Before you know it, more details will likely be unveiled with magazine stories and such. We’ll be sure to keep you informed, but in the meantime this is the Ben Affleck Batman Workout, as shared on Reddit by his personal trainer.

The Training Routine

Known from talks with Ben’s personal trainer, who is training him for the coveted Batman role, Ben started his workout 3 months prior to filming. So let it be known that the Ben Affleck Batman workout is a program that Ben followed for 90 days.

The training for Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout consisted of sessions that lasted 3-4 hours per day, 5-6 times per week. Once filming began, they reduced their sessions to 3-5 days per week with the sessions running for 2 hours.

For that perfect Batman figure, Ben did a combination of exercises. He started off on legs with squats and deadlifts, did rows for his back, and did bench press and military press to get rid of the man boobs. He also did cardio, bicep curls and worked on isolating smaller muscle groups. In between, he managed 10 to 20 minute jogs 3 times per week. Ben also followed a strict diet to get the desired results.

Regardless of the filming schedule, Ben and his trainer continue to dedicate two hours of fitness per day so that Ben can maintain muscular frame. Ben does most of the Batman stunts himself. So, to be able to pull off all the stunts, he must be physically fit so that he does not get exhausted while filming for these stunts.

Chiseled for the Cape & Cowl: Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout

As we have all seen in The Town, Affleck has the potential to get a chiseled core. When it comes to Ben Affleck’s Batman workout, his trainer revealed that Ben’s abs required special attention. First off, Ben, as mentioned previously, consumed a proper diet to get the desired results. There wasn’t a huge emphasis on very specific core training, but more of balanced weight training and cardio, focusing on each area separately.

The training was relatively reactive to how Ben was feeling and what was working, but they stuck with the pairings that were yielding the best results.

  • Chest and triceps on Monday
  • Back and biceps on Tuesday
  • Shoulders on Wednesday
  • Legs on Thursday
  • Arms on Friday

Ben worked out at least 4 times per week, focusing on overall form and deadlifts. With this routine, Ben’s trainer knew that Ben would get the perfect abs in about four months.

Building Mass and Ben Affleck’s Batman Diet


With the kind of workout routine that Ben followed, it is hard to imagine a person not using supplements. But Ben’s trainer is different: he never works with clients that take supplements or steroids, as this would jeopardize the trainer’s reputation. Instead Ben focused on consuming about 5000 calories per day. This was not always possible due to the long hours at screening. However, as a trainer he ensured that Ben got his required protein dosage of 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of mass. Ben ate at least 250 grams of protein each day to maintain the workout routine and his body.

Now that Ben has literally worked his **** of to get a sculpted body, perfect for his role as Batman, he hope the critics will relent, and rave about his role as Batman.