Being asked to deliver a best man speech at your friend’s wedding is a great honor, and one of the best opportunities to tell your buddy how much he means to you. This rare opportunity also shows that your buddy cares for you too, as he chose you to be the best man in his wedding.

Having to deliver a best man speech is one of the most daunting moments of a man’s life. While it’s easy to speak nicely about your friends, you will need to deliver a speech in front of hundreds of people that entertains, empowers, and moves everyone in the room. You need to be at ease when talking in front of a lot of people to be able to deliver this speech, which can be a real pain if you’re not used to speaking in front of a crowd.

Fortunately, there are ways to deliver your speech without looking and sounding awkward. Read on to find out more about delivering speeches and confidence.

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Consider the Audience

It’s best to know who the guests will be so you’ll know how much humor you can use in your speech. Most likely, the bride and the groom’s parents will be present, so be sure to exclude embarrassing stories about your buddy. Bad jokes should also be omitted to ensure that everyone will appreciate and enjoy your speech.

Avoid Drinking Before the Speech

Avoid any kind of alcoholic drink before delivering your best man speech, to ensure you can deliver it properly. Being sober when delivering your speech will also prevent you from saying things that guests should not hear, such as green jokes and embarrassing stories. This will also show your respect to your buddy and the guests of the couple, which your friend will surely appreciate.

Focus on the Couple

To deliver a great speech for a perfect toast, be sure all the things you’re going to say are focused on the groom and his bride. This occasion is not about you, so try not to steal the spotlight.

You can include stories about your adventures with the groom, but make sure that the focus is on the groom and not on you. Include humor, but don’t try to embarrass the groom.

Keep it Short

A great best man speech is short and sweet. So, never make it too long or the guests will get bored. Include only the important things you want to say, along with your wishes for the bride and groom.

Delivering a speech can be intimidating if you’re not used to speaking in front of a lot of people, particularly to strangers. But with practice, you can deliver a best man speech that will make your buddy appreciate you more, and will make the reception better.