Amazon is the largest river in the world and it runs all throughout South America extending from Peru to North Eastern Brazil. During the dry season, the width of the Amazon River is about 6.8 miles, and extends up to about 120 wide during the wet season. There are many fit travel activities for someone who is seeking an adventure of a lifetime, so be prepared to experience the beauty of Mother Nature when you boat the Amazon.

Water-Rafting the Amazon

If you travel to this place, you can do the adrenaline-raising activity of water-rafting. With the strong gush of water from the Andes into the canyons of Amazon, you have nothing to expect but the ultimate best white-water rivers in the world. Depending on your budget and your fitness and expertise level, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

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You can choose the Rio Apurimac which starts near the tourist capital of Peru. This adventure will take you about four days to truly experience water-rafting. It will pass through a 9,843 feet deep canyon before descending into the wide and tropical rainforests of the Amazon. You will get the chance to indulge into the beauty of Mother Nature and get the chance of seeing some of its inhabitants in the wild such as Andrean bears and pumas.

If you are seeking for a longer adventure when you travel here, then choose the 12-day adventure at Tambopata River which starts at Peru’s altiplano, north of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. This activity is only for the active and fit individuals because the adventure begins at experiencing the intense white-water rapids, while during the latter part, you will drift the Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone, where you will be setting a camp along the river. Here, you will get the chance to see monkeys, parrots, alligator, eagles, and ocelots. This is an ultimate travel experience for someone who loves to be one with nature.

Cruise the River

If you prefer to join a cruise in order to experience what the Amazon River has to offer, then there a lot of cruises that will take you to breathtaking places. There is the Amazon cruise in Ecuador which will take you to Napo and Aguarico Rivers.

You can also choose to take the Peru Amazon Cruises where you will navigate the Pacaya Samiria natural reserve and see for yourself the wildlife. Then you will be cruising down river to Tabatinga in Brazil and Leticia or tour the river to the Yurimaguas.


If you travel to Amazon, one of the things that you can do is fishing. You will be taken to the Amazon Basin where you will be fishing in some secluded areas, but there is no need to fear because these are friendly and safe areas to navigate. You would be riding a boat and experience fishing at Rio Negro and Rio Branco and fish through lagoons, smaller rivers and streams, and the main river, as well.

Travel to this magnificent part of the earth and discover the wonders of nature.