Body hair can be a symbol of masculinity. It can also be a symbol of poor hygiene and grooming. So, better know how much hair is okay and how much hair is too much. To know how much hair you should grow on your bod, see the tips below.

What Girls Think of Manscaping

Girls love masculine men, and because most men think that body hair has a lot to do with masculinity, you might think that growing hair will add to your manliness. Here’s what girls think of your hair for you to know whether to let your hair grow or to shave it of.


Some women think that being totally hairless on your upper body is quite clean and silky. It makes them feel that you take care of your appearance. However, some girls think that it lacks something regarding your manliness. So, perhaps, it will depend on the girl you’re with, whether she’ll appreciate your hairlessness or not.

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Some Hair

Some women think that a little bit of hair is masculine, without going too wild. On the other hand, some girls think that it shows indecisiveness; you have to let your hair grow or shave it off completely.

A little bit of hair may show your masculine side, while not growing too much hair. It may be appropriate for guys who want to show a bit of hair without looking too hairy or messy. This requires regular maintenance, so be sure you can trim your hair on a regular basis to maintain your look.


Some women think that being hairy is alright, as the hair is soft and it shows a very masculine appearance. It shows that you’re confident enough to sport such thick hair. But, some women think that it’s just too wild and messy. So, when growing body hair, make sure you take good care of your hair, to not make it look too untidy. Also, be sure that you’re comfortable with a lot of hair on your chest and arms before you decide to grow it out.

Your body hair will depend on your personality. So, don’t try a style you won’t be comfortable with. Whatever style or amount of hair you’re planning on having, make sure you can groom it well and maintain it.

If you want, though, you can experiment with your looks by changing the amount of body hair, by shaving it or letting it grow. After knowing which one suits you best, learn how to maintain it so you can sport a hairless or a hairy bod without feeling awkward.