Books for Suggested Reading

Here at Confitdent, we are very strong believers that books make you wiser. They help you think, boost your imagination, and encourage ideas. In most cases, books carry a very deep and sometimes dark message if you read between the lines.

Our editors have book together a list of empowering books for men that we will continue to update. We will do our best to filter out titles that we don’t think are particularly great reads, but will also be sure to include books that you can benefit from in your social life.

In most cases, these books are going to motivate and empower you to be wise far beyond your years. In other cases, we’ll recommend some titles that you can read with your girlfriend which will have some romance for her and some twists and violence for you.

All reviews here are our opinion. We encourage you to comment or rate the book based on your opinion and we love to hear recommendations you may have for us to add to our library.