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Boy Uses His Savings To Rescue Two Pit Bull Dogs, Their Reaction Is Incredible

Boy Uses His Savings To Rescue Two Pit Bull Dogs, Their Reaction Is Incredible

Ever since Jaxton Betschart was born, he loved animals. He is now an adorable 4-year-old, surrounded by many pets in his house. They all love him, and this little man knows how to respect his best friends. His parents are very proud that he’s learned all of this at such a young age. At the moment, he and his family have four rescue dogs and two rescue cats!

And now, Jaxton has done an amazing thing. He’s used his allowance to rescue two pit bull dogs. Here’s how they reacted!

20. Geo is the Favorite One

Jaxton loves all his pets, but he’s very close to Geo, who is quite a calm pup. His family has pets of different breeds and personalities, but they don’t have Jaxton’s favorite kind of dogs: pit bulls. Why is he drawn to them?

19. Learning About Animal Rescues

‘Over the past year he has really become aware of what his favorite type of dog is, pit bulls, and about animal rescues,’ said his mother, Elyse Betschart. She explains that he’s around her, volunteering and learning about rescuing animals.

18. Animal Lover

Elyse explains that her boy learned about ‘adopting, volunteering, sponsorship, and education, and so it only made sense that Jax would become a (slightly) overzealous animal lover like me.’ He even had a name for animal shelters…

17. ‘Cute Factories’

In their spare time, Jax and his mom would visit shelters in the area so that Jax could cuddle and love all the cats and dogs in need of a friend before they get forever families. There he met Tank, a beautiful pit bull.

16. Look at This Guy!

‘Mommy! He’s big and chunky just like me!’ said Jax to his mom, rushing to pet Tank’s enormous head through the bars of his enclosure. Whenever he visits the animals in the shelter, he asks about them…

15. I Love You, Pup!

‘He likes to visit with the dogs and cats and ask them how they’re doing and to wish them good luck on finding their new family,’ explained Betschart. Every animal he meets; he tells them he loves them for this adorable reason…

14. A New Shelter to Visit

Betschart said that Jax knows that some people can ‘give up their animals for many reasons, and he makes it his mission to tell each dog and cat he sees that he loves them.’ One day, she took Jax to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS).

13. Jax Met Penelope

When Jax and his mom were walking through the shelter, he spotted a pit bull called Penelope and fell in love with her. ‘Jaxton wanted to adopt Penelope, a petite spotted pittie,’ said his mom.

12. She’s Spot

‘He loved the spots on her face, and decided that he would name her Spot,’ continued the mom. However, Jaxton is a Marine, and the family has to go back to base housing, where they don’t allow pit bulls…

11. A Better Idea

Jaxton knew he couldn’t adopt pit bulls, so his mom came with a better idea. Sponsor Penelope aka Spot: ‘A lot of people don’t realize that sponsorship is an option, that you can actually tie that money to a face.’

10. Her Guardian Angel

At the CAS, there is a program called Guardian Angel, where a person can pay a part of the adoption fee. And when Jaxton heard about it, he was happy to help. You won’t believe what he told his mom!

9. I Have Money!

His mom said that ‘once I told Jax we could do that, he said it was ‘a good deal’ and told me he had money at home to pay for Penelope/Spot.’ And you might think that this is all, but there’s actually more!

8. I Will Loan You the Money

After his mom said that she would loan him the money, they ‘started walking out of the dog room and right before we left, Jax saw Tank.’ This other pit bull at the CAS was also available for adoption, and Jaxton was thrilled to help him too…

7. But Can We Get Tank?

If he couldn’t take Spot, Jax thought that maybe Tank would be ok. His mom said that Jax wanted Tank home ‘so the two of them could play Incredible Hulk together.’ He told his mom that ‘Tank was his new best friend in the whole wide world.’

6. You Can Sponsor Tank Too

Then, his mom told him that he couldn’t adopt Tank either, but he can sponsor him like Spot. He proudly walked out the dog room and told the staff at the shelter he wanted to be Penelope’s and Tank’s angel. He was a guardian angel for dogs ever since he was a tiny man!

5. The Guardianship Certificate

A staff member at CAS took a photo of Jax with the two pups and his certificate of being a guardian angel for the two pit bulls. As soon as it was posted on the CAS Facebook page, it went viral, and people acted fast! Here are Jax’s dogs at home.

4. Making a Difference

After Jax has done the incredible act of kindness, Penelope and Tank had an easier way to find their homes. On Facebook, he gathered over 6,000 likes and over 200 comments were asking how to become guardian angels too!

3. Following Jax’s Example

Tank and Penelope found their own families very fast, and the CAS received many donations and sponsorships in just a few days. Many other animals received sponsorship too! Betschart felt incredibly happy that her son inspired so many people…

2. Giving Shelter Dogs a Voice…

‘Knowing that my son was the catalyst for the community coming together to give shelter dogs a voice makes me feel incredibly blessed,’ said Jax’s mother. Here she is with all their pups, taking a nap.

1. Sponsor A Pet

Helping shelters by sponsoring the abandoned animals can improve their chances of getting adopted. This family dreams to start their own dog rescue, where Jax can play and love all of the animals out there!

As for the mom, she laughed, saying that she feels ‘like I’ve done my job – like I can retire as a mom!’ She knew this tiny guy is special!