Brad Pitt is an international Hollywood movie star who has appeared in many films to date. One of his more famous ones is Fight Club, which came out just before the turn of the twentieth century.

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It features Brad Pitt with a physique markedly slimmer than the one he is known for nowadays. However, said physique has made many fans curious as to how he managed to pull off obtaining such a fit but slim look. Here is how the actor of Tyler Durden did it, and what makes the Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine for the movie Fight Club so special for him.

Did He Have a Specific Routine?

Brad Pitt had an official routine that he used to build his body into the required state that the role of Tyler Durden called for. It is the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine for the movie Fight Club. It involved performing specially chosen exercises that focused on a certain set of muscles each day.

What Was His Routine?

The Tyler Durden star of the movie Fight Club is well known for having a natural “ectomorph” type body; that is, Brad Pitt has a very fast metabolism and it requires specialized routines for him to actually build muscles. As such, the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet for the movie Fight Club was made with the actor’s body type in mind.

The main exercises for building muscles occurred on Mondays through to Thursdays.  The next two days were devoted to cardiovascular exercises, namely using the treadmill at certain speeds and for an hour at a time only. Sundays were pure rest days.

Seeing the schedule that the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine has, it is safe to assume that resting the body is an important factor when it comes to building a body of lean but strong muscles. While overworking the body is guaranteed to produce good muscular growth, too much of it can lead to bulky muscles which more or less destroys the overall Tyler Durden look. To make sure that the muscles stay lean but fit, a longer than normal period of rest is needed. In this case, Brad Pitt had most of two days, namely Friday and Saturday, and the whole of Sunday in which he could rest his muscles from the strenuous workout.

What Types of Exercises Did He Do for the Role of Tyler Durden?

The Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet exercise routine holds many exercises that were chosen specifically to burn off large amounts of body fat, while at the same time toning and increasing the growth of lean muscles. Such exercises call for a workout routine that has low repetitions, or low number of sets, but forces the trainee to work his body harder than normal.

These main exercises were performed over a set of four days, with each day devoted to a certain group of muscles. In the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet exercise routine, Brad Pitt’s exercise schedule went as follows:

  • On Monday, he worked on his chest muscles.
  • On Tuesday, he worked on his back muscles.
  • On Wednesday, he worked on his shoulder muscles.
  • On Thursday, he worked on his arm muscles, namely his biceps and triceps.

As mentioned earlier, Friday and Saturday were for cardio training only, while Sunday was his day off. Among the various exercises that the actor of Tyler Durden had to perform during these days, there were the following:

Nautilus Press

The Nautilus press is an example of the exercises that the actor of Tyler Durden did to work on his chest muscles. Unlike the other listed exercises in the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine for the movie Fight Club, it is the name of the actual machine rather than a specific exercise. The Nautilus press offers a variety of muscular exercises for trainees to choose from, making it both efficient and effective in strengthening the chest muscles.


The pull up exercise is a classic example of building back muscles. The most common method is to use bars attached to the wall, whereupon the trainee would pull himself up while keeping his spine naturally straight. It also has the additional benefit of strengthening the arm muscles, besides toning the back muscles, making it a must-do exercise for the Fight Club actor.

Arnold Press

Created by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, it is considered to be one of the best shoulder exercises around. It involves the use of a dumbbell in each hand, which are raised up and to the side and then above the head, before reversing and repeating. As with any shoulder muscles exercise, caution is required, as any injury to a muscle in the shoulder can severely impede the trainee’s progress in working out.

Preacher Curls

Similar to the standard bicep curls, the preacher curls are one of the best exercises in the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet exercise regimen for strengthening and toning the arms. It is performed with the arm resting on either an inclined bench or on an exercise ball, and can be done with one arm at a time or both at the same time. Its additional benefits include making it easier for the trainee to be able to pick things up and carry them.

Despite the relative ease in which the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine appears, it is actually difficult for some people to achieve the Tyler Durden of Fight Club look. An important factor, one that helped the Tyler Durden actor in gaining the lean and muscular body for the movie, is that the person doing the routine needs to already have low body fat before starting the routine. This helps enable the growth of lean muscle, making it easy for people with naturally slim bodies to achieve, like Brad Pitt himself.

What Was His Diet for the Movie Fight Club?

As with most diets that support muscle building, the Official Brad Pitt Workout and Diet routine for the movie Fight Club contained a lot of protein. Although there are no specifics as to what exactly was on the menu while Brad Pitt was in training for the Tyler Durden body, it is safe to assume that he consumed high protein shakes and certain types of meat that contain excellent sources of lean muscle builders.