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Break Up With Your Girlfriend Like A Man

It’s sad to say, but not all relationships last. If the romance is over and you realize she’s not the right person for you, you’ll probably want to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her. You may ask how it can be possible not to cause her any pain when you need to end a relationship. Well, follow the tips below on how you can be a gentleman when you think it’s time for you to break up with your girlfriend.


Try to be polite and don’t break up with her during a special occasion. If you happen to be at a party and she’s having a good time, don’t spoil the fun by breaking the news to her. If it’s her birthday or your anniversary, wait for at least a month before you break up with your girlfriend. Remember that you’re about to hurt her feelings, so don’t do it on a day that is significant to her.

Get to the Point

Once you have established a good day to break up with her, get straight to the point. Be direct in telling her that you want to end the relationship. If she asks why you think the relationship is going nowhere, explain the reasons to her in a very gentle manner. You may have different goals in life, your personalities don’t blend well, or you can even be very honest and say that you met someone new who you think is better suited for you. The truth hurts, but eventually she’ll move on, too.

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Stand Your Ground

When you break up with your girlfriend, be firm on your decision. Of course, it’s expected that she’ll get emotional, but don’t allow her to change your decision just because she starts to cry. Stand your ground, no matter how hurtful it can get.

Open Communication

When you want to break up with your girlfriend, be very open in communicating with her. If you need to talk to her about what you dislike about the relationship, then do so. For all you know, she is also dissatisfied with the relationship and she’s also been trying to say that it’s over.

Finding the right person for you is never easy. You may be together for a long time, but still, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be together forever. Human relationships are very complex, especially if two people are trying to live together as one. Dating is one of the ways to know if you can deal with each other, but if not, break up with your girlfriend as gentlemanly as possible. Find the right time, be honest, and get straight to the point.