CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) can only be found in cows that are grass-fed. The meat of grass-fed cows and the dairy products produced from them contain chemicals found in the fatty linoleic acid. These chemicals are very rich in nutrients for weight maintenance and for overall wellness.

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A study has shown the difference between grass-fed cows and grain-fed cows. It was concluded that those cows fed with only grass have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid. Apart from having high levels of CLA, they have more of the vitamins B and E, lower in total fat, and higher omega-3, among others. Thus, if consumed by humans, the good nutrients from the cows are also passed on to humans. It has many benefits to those who undergo rigid physical training as they need more nutrients so as to allow their bodies to recover faster.


Bodybuilders use this food supplement for various reasons:

For Metabolism

Bodybuilders need to maintain an ideal weight in order to compete. However, since they engage in very rigorous training programs, the tendency to overeat is at times, unpreventable. But if they consume this supplement, the rate of metabolism increases. Higher metabolism equates faster weight loss.

For Muscle Growth

Since this is of help for higher metabolism, it means that their muscles burn more fat than those with lower metabolism. The lesser the fat in their muscles, the bigger their muscles would grow. Bodybuilders train in order to grow and develop muscles, and by consuming products that are grass-fed, then it will enhance their muscles to grow.

To Lower Cholesterol

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is also proven to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. As a result, the chance of contracting heart disease is lowered drastically. If you are wondering how it affects the cholesterol level, first, this chemical is known to interfere with lipoprotein lipase which is a substance that stores fat in the body. It lowers the amount of lipoprotein lipase in the body. Second, this chemical lowers cholesterol because it allows the fat to be used or converted into energy; therefore, it gives bodybuilders more energy. Lastly, it increases muscle mass. The more muscle equates higher metabolism.

Side Effects

Any food supplement may have some adverse reactions to some people. It is important therefore to consult a medical doctor to determine if you are a right candidate to take this product. Diabetics are asked to refrain from taking this product because it may have some effects on insulin sensitivity. The most common side effect of this product is gastrointestinal problems.


To summarize, conjugated linoleic acid is derived from cows that are fed with nothing but grass. The results are meat and dairy products that have high levels of nutrients that can benefit athletes and bodybuilders. It increases their metabolic rate which means more fat is burned. As a result, they have leaner muscle mass and lowered cholesterol level. Energy level is boosted and they can work out longer and grow new muscles. This is usually marketed in capsule form.