Following your passion may work as a career guide for some, but definitely not for everyone. Those who are passionate about reading, for instance, may find that there are not too many job openings for readers. Blinkist’s Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Klein says that success can come from enhancing your skill set. It takes a little paradigm shift, but the following ideas are worth thinking over.

Passion Comes With Mastery Over Time

In the workplace, discontentment is commonplace. If you believe that you’ll be successful in your job only if you do the things you love, then doing the opposite will be frustrating. Instead, Klein emphasizes to “love what you do.” Passion comes when you’ve mastered the skills required by the job, and when the job becomes a part of who you are.

Think About How the Quality of Your Work Can Be Improved

Instead of searching for the perfect job. A craftsman searches for how his work can be improved. Employees who keep looking for the jobs they have a passion for will never be satisfied. You have to adopt the craftsman’s attitude: continual improvement of quality, rather than continual search for what should have been.

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Passions Define Your Comfort Zones

Passions define your comfort zones and limit you, in effect. You tend to avoid what’s beyond your comfort. Get out and expand your world. Improve until you’ve mastered it. Reach for the next level, and continue pursuing mastery.

Rare Skills Make You Indispensable

Again, the craftsman is a good example. He refines skills that he already has. He then develops a totally new skill, something that sets him apart. Continue learning and upgrading. Set no limit to what you can do.

The person who follows these tenets doesn’t believe that passion spells success. In truth, however, he is a person who’s passionate about enhancing skills he already has and developing new ones. He increases his value because he values his abilities.