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Brazil: Building Homes in a Rio de Janeiro

Want to build some muscle outside your gym? Go to Rio de Janeiro Shanty Town and help professional home builders build real homes for families that live in plywood shelters with no running water. This will make you sweat and pant by lifting bricks and mixing cement, building homes with bathrooms and kitchens, and not only by lifting weights in your air-conditioned gym. What a great way to enjoy the views and culture of Rio de Janeiro during a fit travel, right?

Don’t worry about lack of relaxation, though, as you will definitely have ample time to enjoy the scrumptious food served in eateries around the neighborhood. You will also get to enjoy a good glass of wine or a big mug of cold beer at bars around the area.

Building Homes: Travel for a Cause

This travel will not only teach you how to build homes but you will also get to know more about the people in these areas. Once a slum area, Shanty Town is now progressing with the help of tourist volunteers that help build homes for the slum residents who received land titles from the government.

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If you are lucky, you can learn Portuguese while working on the homes of the people of Shanty Town – construction and language lessons in one.

Two to Four Weeks of Trip for a Cause

You will spend two to four weeks building brick homes in Rio de Janeiro Shanty Town during your travel in the city. You will be staying at a captivating neighborhood in Santa Teresa, where you will stay at a guest house.

This area is great for people who are seeking pleasure while doing good cause at the same time since the guest house is near bars, restaurants and stores. It is also close to public transportation so you can get anywhere you like after your active participation in the volunteer work building small yet comfortable houses for the residents of Rio de Janeiro.

Comfy Living

The guest house is fully equipped with services that you will need such as laundry and cleaning services. The house is also equipped with TV, Internet access, a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, which makes it comfy and cozy. The rooms are shared so you will be having buddies during the night who are you co-volunteers.

No Experience Needed

Even if you don’t know anything about construction, you can still join this program and enjoy the travel because supervisors will be guiding you on your chores. You can use this adventure as a profitable vacation because you will learn a lot from construction to learning Portuguese.

During your travel in Rio de Janeiro, you will also get to enjoy the museum, the Museu de Favela. You can also visit Museu de Arte de Rio and the Museum of the Future to find out more about Brazil’s history, culture and people. During your travel, don’t forget to pay a visit to Museu Histórico Nacional. You will get to know more about the place’s past as well as the culture that brought up the people in Rio, making you closer to the people that you’re building houses for.