There are a variety of factors that will bring out your washboard abs. While diet and nutrition are extremely important to revealing your abdominal muscles, so is cardio and fat loss. That being said, I decided to provide you with the complete beginner’s guide to cardio for a number of reasons.

First, many people start out with their cardio workouts wrong and end up losing out on results they could be getting. Therefore, they don’t reach their fitness goals as fast as they possibly could be.

Secondly, I feel that no one really explains where to start out as a beginner with cardio and how to progress with their ever-improving bodies to promote ultimate fat loss.

And lastly, there are key tips to proper cardio that no one seems to understand, including experts, and I wanted to clarify most of this and explain the importance of these cardio “secrets.”

All I want is to help you reach your true fitness goals and to help you burn fat effectively and dynamically through effective cardio. If you never knew where to start with cardio or you’re looking for tips and secrets on how to improve your results, this is the guide for you, so pay very careful attention because this is where you’ll start burning fat.

Burn Fat By Never Start A Cardio Session Without Stretching

A lot of new beginners starting out looking to drop weight fast with cardio. They completely neglect stretching and jump right into their sessions. This is a big mistake and you miss out on tons of results while increasing the chance of injury which is bad if you want to stay committed to your workouts.

If you really want to get the most out of your cardio and promote fast calorie-burning, you need to simply take 5-7 extra minutes to stretch out and warm up your muscles prior to your cardio session. By doing this, you reduce the risk of injury, maximize your body’s ability to perform longer and harder, and you prepare your body’s natural fat burning processes and increase your metabolic rate prior to exercising.


The other thing is that you should stretch out 5-7 minutes after your cardio and cool down your muscles. This helps them recover faster from what they were put through and naturally improves your body’s ability to deal with excess weight. Another benefit is that you relieve the stress from your body which prevents muscle spasms and cramps after sessions.

So, if there’s one thing I’d like to stress, it’s to stretch out as a beginner and never think your actual cardio is more important to burning fat than your stretching. They’re both equal and you won’t get awesome results when you do one and not the other.

Increase Your Flexibility And Perform Flexibility Exercises to Burn Fat

On the days that you don’t perform cardio, or even the morning prior to your cardio workout, you should spend some extra time doing some flexibility training. Most people (including myself) neglect flexibility and only focus on muscle-building and weight loss, which isn’t bad, but it puts them at risk later in their life as they get older.

Flexibility is absolutely key to just being able to live healthy and long and is especially important for promoting faster weight loss. The key to real weight loss is to constantly find ways to improve your metabolic processes and calorie burning, and one of those ways is by improving flexibility. I suggest you get your flexibility up by performing 5-7 minutes of powerful exercises whenever you have time.

By doing this, you’ll see that you can go longer with your cardio, burn more calories, and your body will be able to accomplish so much more than if you didn’t have proper flexibility. So, go out and take a gymnastics class or something, as long as you do something to increase your body’s natural flexibility. There are so many flexibility exercises, but you just have to find the ones that work for you.

Burn Fat By Starting Off Slow And Progress To High Intensity Intervals

One of the most prominent problems with many individuals is their impatience. This includes me especially, because I don’t want to wait to get results, I want to do anything and take any magic pill I can to get huge results fast. However, life just doesn’t happen like that and you can’t just expect to lose 50 pounds of excess fat in one day and build a toned, muscular body within a week. Anyone that tells you that is possible is just lying to you, and I don’t want to fill your head with lies.

I want to give you the straight facts and let you know that it does take time to progress into hard cardio in order to lose massive amounts of weight, and it does take your dedication and commitment to get to that point. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I am saying that you can’t jump straight into intense cardio and run 10 miles per hour for 5 miles on your first day.

You have to slowly introduce your body into much harder work in order to burn more fat, but as a beginner you’re going to have to start off slow. For example, if you’ve been lazy for the past few years and rarely get off the couch, then it may be a good idea to start off with some slow, steady jump roping in order to get your body into the habit of working hard again to burn calories.

On the other hand, if you have some steady physical activity that you perform on a daily basis like play basketball for an hour at your local gym, then you may be able to progress passed the “beginner” stage and move into something a little more challenging. All I’m saying is that you have to listen to your body and study yourself to know what your body can handle, and what you’re going to slowly work up to.

I will say this though, once you work up to extremely high interval training and begin burning insane amounts of calories for weight loss, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your results. However, you have to be smart for now, start off slow and take those few weeks of getting your body used to hard work through cardio. You’re not going to get results by doing intense interval sessions that your body can’t handle. That will just result in you skipping workouts or not looking forward to your next session. If you really want to dabble with high intensity interval training – start off with a 30/90 split. Meaning 30 seconds of you going hard (4 out of 5, with 5 being your hardest) followed by 90 seconds of less intense cardio (2 out of 5).

Yes, the awesome results won’t be instant, but the way you’re going to get amazing weight loss results is by slowly working your way up there. No one said achieving your fat loss goal was easy, but it can be much easier if you do it right by starting off slow and eventually working up to harder cardio sessions.