If you’re out camping in the woods, and it happens to rain unexpectedly, how will you light a fire with wet wood? This article will teach you survival skills in the forest. You can burn wet wood and survive through the night.

Burning wet wood is an important skill every man should master. It’s possible to burn wood in any weather condition, even in the snow as long as you know the right steps. Be brave and find ways to survive in any circumstance.

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Steps For Burning Wet Wood

  1. Look for a safe place where you can light your fire. You should be able to collect materials easily for lighting a fire.
  2. Once you have a location, begin to dig a fire pit with the use of a stick. The pit should be about the size of a basketball.
  3. Line the bottom of the pit with sticks. This’ll separate the fire structure from the damp ground so you can easily set a fire.
  4. Prep the tinder bundle that you can find in the area. These could be milkweed, cattails, and cambium. You’ll use these materials to set a fire. If you wonder how you can set a fire from these wet materials, crush them until they become very fibrous. Once you’ve achieved fibrous material, you can dry them up under the heat of the sun.
  5. Gather wood of different thickness.
  6. Create a fire teepee or a tent-like structure of wood. It should be a teepee in structure because fire wants to crawl up. To be able to burn wet wood, you have to place the thinnest wood structure on the bottom of the teepee. Be sure there is enough room to place your tinder bundle, then arrange the teepee by adding a layer of thicker wood.
  7. Once you’re done with the teepee, you can place the tinder bundle inside, and you’re ready to light the fire. Once you have successfully lit the fire, add more wood to cover the area where you placed the tinder bundle.

Those are the steps to follow when you’re faced with the challenging task of being able to burn wet wood.