The trademarks of most successful businesses are marks of excellence at the same time. A commodity that carries the mark of quality image easily gains acceptance and the impression of reliability. Once a business is able to establish this mark of top-notch quality image, consumers will be naturally drawn to it.

According to Brian Cannone, Health Club Chain Director of Operations, it’s natural for people to be attracted to high-quality businesses and be identified with the select people who patronize the place. People won’t deliberately choose a poorly-maintained fitness facility over a high-class health club. Cost may become an issue later in their decision-making, but initially, prospective customers want to make sure that they’ll be treated like VIPs.

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Cannone points out that a health club business should aim to make the customers feel that the club caters to a select few, and they’re part of an elite group. If a club succeeds in creating that impression, customers are more likely to want to continue their membership. Customer retention will be high, and existing members will voluntarily recruit their friends and family. You may even find no need for high-cost promotion and marketing hype.

Make it your business to maintain the high quality image you enjoy. Your business depends on it!