Buyer's Guide to the Best Training and Nutrition Programs [Free E-Book]

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Training and Nutrition Programs [Free E-Book]

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Training and Nutrition Programs [Free E-Book]

If you don’t know who Sean Hyson is, you definitely should start reading up on some of his material. Sean is a colleague of mine and is the Group Training Director for Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Flex. Aside from the education to become a C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist), Sean speaks regularly with the elite trainers and nutritionists of the world and he grills them on their methods to make sure it’s authentic. Aside from that, Sean can relate to most guys because he underwent a very impressive transformation that brought him from dough boy to chiseled wood.

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So now that we explained why you should jump on the Sean Hyson bandwagon, here is what you should be following (aside from his Facebook and Twitter, of course): Sean just released a FREE e-book entitled “2012 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Training and Nutrition Programs.” Sean has written about exercise and diet for the past 10 years and his experience shows in the context of this free e-book.

Why You Should Download It

Sean reviews various programs by the fitness industry’s leading experts and helps readers identify which one is right for you. You can find out more at his website. This is not your run of the mill 20 page e-book, it’s over 150 pages and include quality content that recognizes everybody has different goals and helps you achieve them. We are a fan of the e-book because it helps filter through the fancy marketing gimmicks and **** out there while being sensitive to the notion that all training and nutrition programs are not created equal.

Somebody looking to lose weight shouldn’t be following the same diet and training program as somebody trying to bulk up. Sounds basic, but a lot of programs out there pretend to be the perfect solution. So download the e-book – you have nothing to lose (except some fat) and the e-book is free.