There’s an online cooking show that’s quickly gaining viewers. The chef happens to be a charismatic 8-year-old boy, and the show is called “Arthur Gourmand”. Why the show is gaining followers is obviously because of the hope and faith that the show inspires: it’s a heartwarming story of a boy with leukaemia who finds reason to cheer up every day despite his condition.

Arthur Gonzaga comes from Brazil and he speaks Portuguese. He has leukaemia and frequents the hospital where he sometimes needs to stay for extended periods. He doesn’t intend to be bedridden, though, nor does he plan to wait long to find his place in the world – host for a cooking show. With a goal as clear as day, a doting father, and a TV and radio producer stepmom, Arthur launched the first episode of “Arthur Gourmand” last January.

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The show, which also includes tutorials, has already earned almost 8,000 views. It features Arthur’s masterful ability in preparing and cooking epicurean dishes. He is an inspiration to behold, fully focused on chopping herbs and sautéing vegetables. It’s easy to forget that something ails the little chef. Many viewers of the show do not speak Portuguese but the boy’s zest for life and food transcends any language. He is a joy, and his passion is truly infectious.

On Facebook, Arthur’s stepmom writes that the show was created to support Arthur in following his dream and love for cooking. It has certainly achieved more than that.