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Capoeira: Learn the Basics from the Pros

Learning some fight skills is never a bad idea. Even if you’re not the kind of man to get involved in fights, it’s still necessary to learn such skills so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Capoeira is a great martial arts technique you can learn to protect yourself from multiple opponents, making it possible for you to defend yourself when being attacked by numerous attackers.

This kind of martial arts technique is a combination of martial arts, dancing, and acrobatics. This makes it a very good defensive technique, as this makes you flexible enough to deflect attacks while making attacks to bring down your opponent(s).

Learning Capoeira’s Basics

If you want to learn a defensive move while learning how to dance, better check this technique out. Listed below are some of the basic moves of this dance and martial arts technique. Practice them so that you can be ready to defend yourself and your buddies in case of trouble.

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Ginga is the basic move of this martial arts technique. This is the foundation move where all the moves of Capoeira are based. So, it’s quite significant to learn this.

Stand straight and make your legs parallel to your shoulders and your arm. Slightly bend your knees, then raise your arms so that your hands cover and protect your face. Step your right foot backward and cover your face with your right hand. Then, go back to your parallel position and step your left foot back while covering your face with your left hand. Do this continuously so that you aren’t an easy target.


Martelo is a very powerful kick that’s done by starting on the Ginga position. While on the Ginga position, raise your knee to your chest while pivoting your foot. Straighten your legs forward to hit your target while covering your face with your arm. After delivering your kick, go back to your Ginga position, all the while protecting your face from any attacks.


This Capoeira move is for deflecting kicks. It’s done by starting with the Ginga position, then moving your upper body sideways until your chest is close or touching your knees, while covering your face with your arms. You can switch sides so that you can deflect any kicks that will be delivered by your opponents.

Always remember that you have to go on the opposite direction of the kick to avoid any contact with it. This movement is for deflecting kicks, so be sure to use it to ward off kicks and not to repel it through direct contact.

Capoeira is a useful technique for protecting yourself and your buddies, so be sure to use it for this purpose only. Being too cocky and brandishing your skill in this technique will never do you any good. Defending yourself from the bad guys is very much different than asking for trouble, because you know you can protect yourself. Know the difference before trying to learn this technique.