What are the Benefits One Can Get from Capsaicin?

If you love spicy foods, then you are regularly getting capsaicin. And that’s great news, because this compound is actually said to be filled with so many health benefits and one of these is it keeps the heart healthy. This report was based on a research conducted by several medical experts just recently. But aside from that, it also helps to treat pain, and several other illnesses.

Health Benefits

As mentioned, it comes with so many health benefits. But aside from those that were already mentioned, there are a lot more health benefits that one can get out of this compound. First of all, it is said to be very effective in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. This also means that it lowers one’s blood pressure levels and brings down all those bad cholesterols that are the reason for all those illnesses that a lot of people suffer from these days. Furthermore, it is also said to be effective at preventing inflammation which can lead to heart disease and other illnesses.

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Bodybuilding Benefits

It is also said to be great for bodybuilding and it is for this reason why you will find lots of bodybuilding supplements these days that are loaded with this compound. According to research, supplements that contain this compound have been found to help enhance fat loss. The compound helps to destroy all those fat cells in the body, which is actually important if you are trying to bulk up on muscles.

It is further recommended that the supplements should be taken about an hour before an exercise so as to elevate its fat burning abilities. Aside from enhancing fat loss, the capsaicin has also been found to help lessen hunger.

Calorie Burner

Aside from burning fats, it also helps your body to burn a lot of calories, and this is all due to its natural ability to raise the epinephrine levels. A study conducted by the University of Oklahoma has revealed that those who took supplements that contain this compound were able to burn more calories right after an exercise session.

Side Effects

Just like with other bodybuilding supplements out there, supplements that are made of capsaicin might come with some negative side effects. Therefore, the supplement should be used in moderation and of course, with the advice from your physician.

It is also important that you strictly follow the instructions on the label of the supplements and that you should not exceed the recommended daily dosage. If you notice several harsh side effects after only a few days of using it, be sure to stop it and seek medical help. Pregnant and lactating women may not be allowed to take the capsaicin supplements.

When looking for these types of supplements to buy, it is recommended to choose those that list the Scoville Heat Units and should take enough supply of about 40,000-80,000 units. It is best to take the supplement at least 30 minutes before meals, twice a day and one of the doses must be taken before workout.