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Cat’s Reaction When Being Hugged For The First Time Is Incredible

Usually, cats like to cuddle for a bit or curl up in your lap and take a long nap. But when Zorro the stray cat arrived at the animal shelter in Philadelphia, he didn’t like being touched at all. However, once the vets realized why he was so sensitive and treated him for the condition, Zorro would find out that getting a hug is pure heaven.

And the staff at the shelter wouldn’t stop getting hugs from this adorable fella. We’re telling you, Zorro takes cuddling seriously! Check him out in the next photos and prepare to drown in cuteness!

20. Getting to the Shelter

Zorro got taken to the shelter back in January. Gillian Kocher is the director of public relations at the Pennsylvania SPCA, explaining what happened to Zorro before arriving at the shelter…

19. A Good Samaritan

‘The story as I understand it is that there was a Good Samaritan who had been feeding him,’ said Kocher. She also explained that the person tried to find the cat a home too. Unfortunately, nobody wanted him.

18. Zorro Arrived at the Shelter

Kocher said that ‘it was hard to find him a home, so she decided to bring him to us.’ It was the cat’s best way to find a home and veterinary care. That’s how vets soon discovered how awesome Zorro is!

17. Doesn’t ‘Tolerate a Lot of Handling’

The first time the staff at the shelter interacted with the cat was a bit different than in these adorable photos. Zorro’s file said that he ‘didn’t tolerate a lot of handling.’ But then, vets realized why…

16. The Cat Was Sick

Not much time after Zorro arrived at the shelter, he started to look sick. He urinated a lot, and the staff found blood in his litterbox. The vets diagnosed the poor cat with bladder stones, so they put him into surgery.

15. Zorro Got Better

Kristen Nau is a veterinarian at the Pennsylvania SPCA. She and the rescue group that takes care of Zorro said that his surgery made Zorro feel better. He will need to keep eating a special diet for the rest of his life…

14. Round the Clock Care

After his surgery, the staff kept Zorro in a different area to recover for two weeks. That’s when they all found out Zorro’s special power. He was an affectionate cuddle machine!

13. Cuddling Away!

Gillian recalls that ‘during his recovery in our shelter hospital that Zorro started cuddling with veterinary techs and nurses.’ When the veterinary techs cleaned the cat’s kennel, he would start hugging them and not want to let go.

12. It’s So Adorable!

Kocher said that Zorro ‘would do it to everyone. He certainly doesn’t discriminate with his hugs.’ She explains how Zorro starts his cuddle session. Once you find out, your heart will melt!

11. Just Pick Him Out, And You’ll Find Out

‘You can just pick him up, and he will wrap his arms around you like a baby orangutan and just hang on,’ said Kocher. And when he’s all warmed up, he will rest his head on our shoulder, as if he was a little child!

10. He Wraps His Arms Around Everybody

Nau said that whenever she works, Zorro is in her arms, hugging and kissing her: ‘I was holding him last night, and he was actually giving me kisses all over my face.’ Our hearts can’t take this much cuteness!

9. Hugs All The Time

At first, Zorro is a bit reluctant, but then he discovers how great hugging feels: ‘when you first go into his cage, he acts like he doesn’t want to be caught or held.’ But when you take him into your arms, it all changes!

8. A Bundle of Love

The staff at the shelter is getting their share of love every day, with Zorro in their arms, purring up a storm. It’s a daily portion of cuteness everyone enjoys. But this awesome cat has a tough time finding a home…

7. Won’t Let Them Go

Kocher said that Zorro is not super special, but he knows how to hold on to his hugs. Everyone at the shelter is looking forward to finding this cuddle bug a home. Surprisingly, he didn’t find a home yet…

6. The Best Assistant Ever

Zorro likes keeping Nau company, and he will assist her with snuggles. He would stay around all the hours she works. She said that he would ‘with his arms wrapped around you for hours while you work.’

5. An Adorable Tuxedo Cat

Zorro’s fur is so smooth, and Nau says that ‘he has the best little mustache.’ She’s not wrong about that! And when people come to visit for adoptions, his cage read ‘he loves to give hugs!’

4. A Special Diet for a Special Hugger

The vet explained that Zorro would have to be on a urinary diet for life, but he is the best cat a person would ever wish. This fantastic cat will wrap around you and won’t ever let go!

3. Wandering the Streets

Zofrro might have spent a few years on the streets, but he no longer has to wander the streets and find someone to cuddle with. He is safe and gets a lot of care and love, surrounded by the people at the shelter.

2. You Can’t Say No to Him

He meets everyone and gives them great hugs and kisses, and won’t stop it for the world. Kocher explains that he will need a family that is aware of his special diet. And they have to be in for the hugs!

1. Finding a Family to Hug Him Back

‘He’s just happy being hugged,’ said Kocher. He also likes small children and living with other pets. Zorro is really the best cat ever! We hope he’s going to find a great family to love him back!

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