Channing Tatum is definitely one of the rising stars in the entertainment scene these days. With his amazing body that women find irresistible, he’s receiving regular movie roles, mostly showcasing his charm and body form. In an official interview with his trainer, he only had to perform exercises not more than 30 minutes as part of his “The Fighter” preparations.

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What Types of Exercises Does He Do?

The official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program consists of strength and cardio workouts. These exercises depend on the kind of muscular form you prefer. If you want to look bulky, you can focus more on lifting weights. For people who want to look leaner and sharper, aim for high-intensity cardio workouts.

Strength Exercises

These exercises in the Channing Tatum Workout and Diet focus more on muscle strength improvement. Unlike cardio exercises, strength exercises target specific muscle groups to achieve the preferred form. These exercises include the use of equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, cables, and other gym tools.

Here are some of the strength exercises included in the official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program:

  • Pull-ups
  • Incline Press
  • Weighted Chins
  • Weighted Lower Back Extension
  • Dumbbell Raise
  • Dumbbell Curl
  • Barbell Row

Cardio Exercises

These exercises in the Channing Tatum Workout and Diet are very effective to lose fat. If you want to lose weight but you don’t want to have bigger muscles, these exercises are the best. Cardiovascular exercises involve the ability of your heart to pump more blood into your system. With the faster blood flow in your body, your cells will be able to burn fat at a higher rate.

Channing Tatum focused on these exercises in movies when he appeared leaner for stealthy roles in his dance movies and earlier action flicks.

  • Jump Rope
  • Jogging
  • Sprint
  • Circuits

To perform a cardio circuit, you need to do cardio exercises simultaneously in rapid succession. A circuit is a high-intensity exercise that results to faster weight loss, but greater injury risks.

Does He Have a Routine?

Seeing Channing Tatum in movies, he definitely has a routine in movie roles he performs. In his official movies like GI: Joe, Magic Mike, and 21 Jump Street, he’s bulkier which makes him look stronger on screen. If you want a leaner look, you can go for a Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program that’s more on cardio than weight lifting exercises.

What is His Routine?

The official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program includes a three-day split training with one day rest. The routine involves high-intensity strength and cardio exercises suited for a bulky or leaner look. Here is a sample of Channing Tatum’s official workout routine in any of his movies.

First Day

The warm-up for the first day of the official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program involves a five-minute run. You can do this outside or with a gym treadmill. Once finished, rest for a few minutes and perform these exercises.

Jump Rope (20 Minutes)

Grab a rope on each end. Start the exercise with the rope behind your body. Swing it from behind and over your head – make sure that you balance with the ankles and your knees slightly bent. Hop as the rope goes down and repeat the process until the final minute of the exercise.

Pull-ups (1 – 2 Sets / 10 Repetitions)

Grab a high bar and make sure that your hands are slightly wider apart than your shoulders. Pull your body upwards until your chest touches the bar. Slowly go down to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Clean and **** (1 Set / 5 – 10 Repetitions)

This two-part exercise in the official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program involves lifting a barbell and jerking it upwards in rapid succession. Position the barbell against your shins as you squat down and grab it with an overhand grip. As you pull the barbell upwards, keep it close to your thighs. When it reaches the chest, catch the barbell with your shoulders while your hands are gripping it under.

While in the squat position (when you catch the barbell with your shoulders), stand up immediately. Inhale and push the weight upwards with your legs. One foot must be bent forward and the other stretched backwards. Then, stand up straight and drop the weight to the ground.

Second Day

The warm-up for the second day of the official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet program is a five-minute jump rope. After doing the warm up, rest for a few minutes and do the following exercises.

Burpees (1 – 2 Sets / 10 Repetitions)

Stand up straight with your arms to the sides. Squat down until your hands touch the ground. Kick your legs back and perform a push up. Slide your legs back to your chest and stand up.

Hanging Leg Raise (1 – 2 Sets / 5 – 10 Repetitions)

Grab a high bar and raise your legs with your knees bent. When your knees reach the highest position, get back to the starting position.

Dumbbell Squats

This is a squat performed with dumbbells on each side of the body. Proper form is a must in this exercise to avoid injuries.

Third Day

Again, the warm-up exercise on this day is in the form of a five-minute jump rope. After resting for a few minutes, perform these exercises.

Sprints (400 – 500 Meters)
Kettle Swings (1 – 2 Sets / 5 – 10 Repetitions)

Grab a kettlebell and stand straight with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Perform a squat  and position the kettlebell between your legs. As you stand up, swing the kettlebell forward and squat as it goes back to you.

Push-ups (1 – 2 Sets / 5 – 10 Repetitions)

Lie down with your palms against the floor. Press your body upwards and keep your body straight in the entire exercise.

What is His Diet/Meal Plan?

Like many regular guys, Channing Tatum loves to eat junk food and have a few drinks. In building his body, he has to switch unhealthy food with the ones that can give him proper nutrition to induce muscle repair and growth. He starts the day with a vegetable omelet and wheat toast, apples and nuts for the morning snack, and chicken breast and vegetables for lunch.

For the afternoon and evening meals, the official Channing Tatum Workout and Diet programs includes the combination of nuts, cheese, turkey, vegetables, and yogurt. Always remember to add a few more weights and strength training exercises if you want to have a bulkier body.