Not knowing whether you have a cheating girlfriend or an internal trust issue is very confusing and frustrating. This can ruin your relationship with your significant other, so it’s important to know whether you’re just having an issue with yourself or your girlfriend is truly cheating on you.

There are some signs that can tell you whether your girlfriend is cheating or not. Though these are not 100% accurate, and this will depend on how you evaluate things in your own situations, these are very useful in helping you out of your dilemma.

How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating

Below are some telltale signs that you have a cheating girlfriend. Make sure you evaluate the circumstances in your relationship immensely before jumping to conclusions.

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Detachment From Your Family

Girls often detach themselves from your family if they’re uneasy or shy. This is particularly true if your relationship is new and she’s just getting to know your family. However, if she’s been close with your family and suddenly detaches herself from them, something might be wrong. This is especially true if there hasn’t been any awkward circumstances between your girl and your family that would make her feel like she needs to separate herself from them.

Change in Appearance

A cheating girlfriend will often suddenly look better and sexier when she’s out without you. Even though women change their style from time to time, it’s a bit suspicious if she suddenly decides to wear sexy outfits even when she says she’s just running to the store or going to a friend’s place. Not telling you exactly where she’s going is another sign that you should watch out for.

Keeping to Herself

There are things that girls keep to themselves, but when you start feeling like she’s doing a lot of things without telling you, you might want to ask what’s wrong. She might just be resolving problems on her own or she is actually a cheating girlfriend. Take this seriously so you can either help her if she’s in trouble, or help yourself out of the relationship if she’s cheating.

When you find out that your girl is cheating, make sure you resolve the issue immediately. Talk with your girl and let her know that you’re aware of what she’s doing. This often leads to ending your relationship without hurting each other any further.