Patagonia is located at the southern region of the Republic of Argentina and Chile, where there is a picturesque surroundings of plains and forests to mountains covered with snows to the expansive sea shores; and from crystal-clear lakes to impressive glaciers. It is a great place to travel if you seek oneness with nature, adventure, and discovery in the southern hemisphere, in South America, between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is ideal for fit travel activities for Patagonia offers thrilling sport activities for active persons.

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Hiking in Patagonia

Come to Patagonia and experience the best hikes and trails in the world. There are two scenic national parks at Patagonia namely the Torres del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares at Argentina. You can explore both wonders of nature by foot beginning at the black-tipped horns of Cuernos del Paine to the Argentina’s famous Fitz Roy massif, a ridge where the peaks of St. Exupery, Poincenot, and the Fitz Roy proudly stand tall amidst the plains of Patagonia.

If you are in travel at Patagonia, it is advisable to hike along the sapphire-colored lakes with the breathtaking view of the icebergs in Torres del Paine. At Los Glaciares in Argentina, you can experience hiking at the active glaciers.

Horseback Riding

Travel at Patagonia and experience the beauty of nature through horseback riding. Depending on the number of days you plan to explore the place, you will be guided along the ranches, rivers and lakes. You will be riding to Torres del Paine and be awed at its magnificent landscape of blue, green, and silver, of granite spires, glaciers, and lakes, and meadows filled with flowers. For added adventure, there are tour packages that incorporate horseback riding with rafting. You experience both land and water for fun.


If you love aqua sports, then Patagonia is a place where you can explore the underworld. Argentina’s Patagonian waters are home to mysteries that are eager to be discovered. The southern seas can be explored all throughout the year because temperature is pretty much constant and the water is clear even during winter time. Best recommended dive sites are Ensenada Bay, Redonda Island, Port Cucharita, and Isla de los Lobos Island.

Air Activities

The moment you set foot at Patagonia, you will realize that this place can also be explored through air activities. The travel adventure activities include paragliding, hang gliding, and glider flights. These are extreme sports activities that are not meant to be tried by the faint-hearted persons.

Paragliding and hang gliding are done when taking off from a mountain and allowing the wind to take you going up the slopes to glide and ascend. You can see the magnificent view from above.  There is also an activity called canopy where you will be safely tied to a harness and transported from one end to the other end amidst trees. There is a thrill when going through the Valdivian forest from the top of the trees while being suspended by a harness.

Travel to Patagonia and experience the thrill of a lifetime.