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Bolivia: Climb Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi is a popular peak in Bolivia because it can be climbed even by beginners. It is difficult to reach the peak but if you are an active person in search of an outdoor adventure, then reaching it is attainable.

This mountain can be seen on the Cordillera Real in La Paz. If you are in search for a fit travel adventure, then climb the mountain of Huayna Potosi and see for yourself a magnificent view upon reaching the top. The best time to travel there is around June to August, but the peak season is usually from May to September. The Bolivian weather is usually dry and stable, unlike around November to March when the temperature gets higher, plus the rain will make your climb more difficult.

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If you travel to Bolivia and you want to experience climbing Huayna Potosi, the normal route package usually includes a three-day adventure. First, you need to acclimatize to the weather and give yourself the chance to practice on the ice before your actual climb.

For day one, you will leave La Paz to go to Laguna Zongo where you will be setting up a camp. Once you have set up a camp, you will take a short hike to the glacier’s base where you will familiarize yourself on how to walk and climb the icy mountain. The purpose of this activity for day one is for you to get used to the weather so you can have a bigger chance of reaching the summit.

For day two of your travel itinerary, you will start your day with an ascent to the rock camp where you will set another camp site on the glacier. This trek would take about three to four hours.

On your day three, you will begin to reach for the summit which is 6,088 meters in altitude. It is not an easy climb but if you are a beginner in mountain climbing, you can successfully reach the peak.  The trek to the top would normally take about six hours. You will not regret your travel adventure to this place because you can enjoy the views of La Paz, Altiplano, Lake Titicaca, and Cordillera Real. From the top, you will descend to the base camp and proceed to Laguna Zongo, and then back to La Paz via a vehicle.

There is another route to the peak called the French Route, but it is reserved for the advanced mountaineers.

Skiing or Snowboarding

These two activities can be done but it is going to be a challenge because the glacier may be icy on the lower sections of the mountains.

Trip Highlights

Travel to Bolivia and Climb Huayna Potosi because it is the most popular peak in Bolivia. For beginners, it can be your first challenging climb above 6,000 meters. The route may not be easy but it is very accessible to all mountain climbers with different levels. The moment you reach the apex, a spectacular view will greet you.